Friday, December 2, 2011

Judahs Birth Story

My little guy is going to be one years old next week, I'm excited about this new chapter in our life, excited that he is more Judah than baby, but I also miss him being my little baby. So this week I will be posting stories or pictures of Judah from the past year starting with his birth story.

On Thursday December 9th I was feeling like I might be having contractions but I wasn't 100% sure because it wasn't what I thought contractions should feel like. Instead I thought I had food poisoning or some sort of flu. Scott went into work the next morning and told me to call him if anything changes. I was on the phone with my best friend Heidi and we were talking about my baby shower being cancelled and finalizing our plans to go Christmas shopping at Target for the day. All of a sudden I told her that I felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach, that it was really weird, but I wasn't in a lot of pain. I thought maybe it was just stress. Just to double check I called Scott after I told Heidi I would leave the house in 10 mins to meet up with her at Target. Scott asked me to call my OB and my OB said I am probably in labor and since I have a higher tolerance for pain they wanted me to stop by the office in the next half an hour because they wanted to double-check. I called Scott back and said I was going to make a quick stop before I met up with Heidi and he said that he wanted to go with me, I told him I can drive myself that it's probably another false alarm, but he insisted that he take me. Called up Heidi and apologized and said I had to go and see my OB but I can probably meet with her later that day and will give her a call. When Scott and I got to Kaiser they checked me out, the OB on call kept asking me "Do you feel that??" I told her that my stomach just feels sour like I ate a ton of sour patch kids. The OB told me that I was having pretty intense contractions and they are really close I need to get to the hospital. Scott and I drove to Fair Oaks Hospital. Everything was so surreal, I wasn’t supposed to have a baby for another month, I’m supposed to go Christmas shopping and bake sugar cookies and we didn't even have our tree up. When we arrived at the hospital I had us sit in the parking lot for a few mins because I was in disbelief that the baby was coming today. Finally arrived in Labor and Delivery  and they had me change and hooked up to a machine to make sure I was having contractions. I was and they had to prep me for an emergency C section because they found out a few days before that Judah was frank breached and he still hadn’t moved at that point.

I was so nervous, I wasn't just nervous that my life was about to change, that I was about to have my son and I have no idea what that looks like raising one. But I also have never had any type of surgery and my family wasn't around to help out. Scott and I were alone and this was very scary for me.

When they took me to the operating room, Scott had to wait outside while they prepped me, we were not expecting that he wasn't going to be in the room while they gave me the shot and I was beyond nervous, every fiber in me was shaking. I had to have a nurse hold my shoulders while I sat at the table and lean over so they could put in a spinal tap. This entire pregnancy I have been scared that I honestly wouldn't have the baby, that I would lose him, and that I would never see Judah. I held onto this fear because of the abortion I was forced into I was 17 with my ex abusive boyfriend. I thought the Lord wouldn’t allow me to have a baby because of that. But while I was sitting on that table waiting for the spinal tap, I just said to the Lord "I trust you....I finally fully trust you with Judah....with this pregnancy and with you being able to walk me through this". The spinal tap was a pinch, it felt weird because you can feel the needle going in and then your toes get all tingly. They laid me down on the table, and at that point I realized, I am no longer in control, I have to trust these people in this room and I can't just get off the table and walk by myself after this, I cant just go birth my baby on my own, Judah was breached and I have to trust every single person in there, including my husband, to take care of me.

While they were scrubbing my belly to prep for the surgery it somehow it came up about the sour patch kids and how I worked with students, then I mentioned something about McLean Bible Church and how I worked there for over five years before I got pregnant. Well right then and there I found out that almost every single person in that room including my delivery Dr attends the church, not only do they attend Mclean Bible Church but most of the nurses also volunteer in Kidsquest. They asked me what I was going to name my baby and I said Judah and that it means "This time I will praise the Lord".

Here is when my life forever changed...


Judah Michael Judkins 8 pounds, 19.5 inches long

Judah had froggy legs for awhile because he was frank breached. 

I can honestly say that being a mother is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but it's also the sweetest thing. This little man knows how to unravel my heartstrings and it pulls me closer to the heart of the Lord. I can not believe the Lord has blessed us with this sweet sweet little boy, to trust us with raising him. He knew when Judah would be created, would enter the world, and the parents he would have. I am grateful He has chosen both Scott and I to be his parents.

Another added very dear best friend Thomas his birthday is December 10th, the same day Judah was born. Before Scott knew the 10th was Thomas's birthday he though I would give birth on the 10th, and I did and every December 10th for the past 10 years before Judah was born I've spent with my best friend. The Lord has his beautiful mark in all of this.

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  1. Oh my gosh! He was the sweetest little thing. I can't believe he's going to be one. I'm so glad everything ended up being okay. That is crazy you have a high pain tolerence too.

  2. Awe Thank you, I know I keep thinking you can't be one yet!

    I hope next time I have a baby I am able to do a vbac :-)

    love you sweet friend

  3. aww, I love this story! It made me cry at the end when you said his name and the meaning, so wonderful :) Happy almost birthday little man!

  4. I first found you on IG several months ago. I fell in love with sweet Judah and his adorable wig, mustaches, and super studly wardrobe. I loved the pictures and captions you posted. Your family just gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. :) I just recently started following your blog and again fell in even more love with your sweet family. You all have so much love for each other, for Judah, and for God. This post brought tears to my eyes. It was perfect. I just needed to let you know that you have made a big impact on how I view motherhood (my little girl is 6 months old) & makes me want to strive to be a better one every day. Thank you for sharing your lives. I truly do enjoy every post.


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