Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mustache Video

About a month ago I asked my mom blogger/IG/Twitter community and some of my family and friends to submit a "Happy Birthday" mustache or wig photo for Judahs birthday. I had a great response and here is the video for Judahs birthday...

My amazing wonderful mama community, I am grateful that you are able to share Judahs first birthday with us.  I can't imagine not having you in our lives and I love you guys for doing this for my son.


Judah will be turning 1 tomorrow!

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  1. PUGS! :) happy birthday Judah-boo!!!!! :)

  2. Signed in to blogger for the first time in weeks and weeks specifically to see and comment. I've been an awful blog owner lately. This video came out so cute! <3 Happy Birthday to Judah from his pals here in Massachusetts.

    PS come visit ;)

    Lauren & Sierra

  3. that turned out so cute! what a creative idea :)

  4. Yippeee! LOVE this video for your awesome boy. We love you, Judah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little mustache man!
    xoxo Tate & Amy

  5. Yay! This made me choke up a little! I get emotional when I watch slideshows with music, even if most of the photos are silly... And Laelia is so flattered to be your opening photo! :D

  6. awe love you guys! Thank you for making Judahs birthday extra special xoxo


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