Thursday, December 22, 2011

Embrace the Camera

My son Judah is very snugly in general, I figured he would be since he was born breached because he wanted to snuggle up against my ribs. He is always trying to hug someone. Recently he has been wanting to give me all the snuggles and love and I honestly don't mind at all.

Today was Scott's last day of work before he could take his two week Christmas vacation!

So this morning our goal was to visit the post office, go to safeway to pick more ingredients for the red beans I was cooking in the crockpot and if Judah was extra good have a mini Starbucks date.

Judah was being super adorable this morning, in his Christmas Jammie's and talking to his toys. 

He was walking!!!! Well pushing his toy but still!! My boy is starting to really walk. 

He spilled his puffs container, but it was okay because he ate most of what he spilled. No use crying over spilled puffs when you have a little boy, because they will be eaten up.

Judah helped me mail some packages for My Charming Colors. The post office wasn't busy at all, an answer to prayers. One of the ladies that works behind the counter always gives Judah a sticker, but Judah always ends up eating half the sticker before we leave the post office. He looks forward to that unexpected treat.

We had a great grocery store trip and since Judah seemed to still be in pretty good spirits we walked across the parking lot and had a mini "Mommy and Judah" Starbucks date. He had water and one of the peter pan mango orange packs, I had my ice white chocolate mocha.  

Its been 60 degrees outside all day today! I was tempted to skip Judahs nap and take him on a long walk, but he was starting to crash and rub his eyes. I knew he needed a nap badly.  

When Scott came home we decided to check out Dulles town center to see how bad the Santa line was. Since he came home at 1pm  I assumed everyone was still at work and the lines would be small. I was wrong, it was a 2 hour wait in line. No more pagers so you can't walk around and shop till your paged. So we are going to get up really early tomorrow and get in line. 

We did hang around and do some window shopping and some regular shopping. Judah and Scott tried on furry hats at H&M....and I was able to buy some really cheap long sleeve shirts and Pjs for Judah at Old Navy! I'm really excited, and you know its a deal if I bought it brand new because I prefer to thrift all of Judahs cloths. 

We checked out Gap/Gap Kids and when I saw this sign it reminded me of Judah. Because Judah is our Joy. Our sweet little blessing. 

I linked up today with Emily from The Anderson Crew

Hopefully tomorrow we will have our long awaited Santa Pics!

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