Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY Silhouette Gift Tutorial

If your anything like me your probably scrambling last minute to find a really great gift for a loved one. Every year since I've known my husband I feel like I am clueless as to what to get him. Everytime I ask him what he wants he tells me that Judah and I are his gifts...thats sweet...but I am a gifts person... I have to give you something...

I found this tutorial on pinterest on how to make a silhouette ornament. I decided to piggy back on the idea and make a framed silhouette of Judah.

This is super easy and you probably have all the items in your home. I did this a bit ghetto style but it works.

First you get a picture of the person or animal you want the silhouette of. I looked at all my pictures to find one of Judah looking sideways and found this one. You then cut around the entire face. 

Make sure you keep the wisps of hair and eyelashes because it makes the silhouette really cute.  Especially if you have a child with unruly hair like mine.

Then you place the cutout onto a piece of paper, I just ripped a blank piece from my moleskin journal that I keep notes in. Then I pressed my finger into the cutout so it wouldn't move (you can also tape the back) and traced it with a pencil. 

Afterwards I took a superfine felt tip marker and colored in the outline. You can also use paint but I was short on time with Judah getting into things and had do make this the quickest way I knew possible.

I wanted to cut this out in a  perfect circle, so I used a candle holder (you can use anything circular in your home) and traced a circle around Judahs head and cut it out.  

Judah was sitting right next to me eating his container of puffs and playing with his trucks. But I knew I didn't have that much time to finish my project before he needed my full attention.  

I found a bigger top to trace a larger circle to use as the background. I didn't have time to paint so I took one of the black paper plates I had left over from Judahs party and used that.  

Once cut it out I taped the white silhouette circle onto the black circle. Then I found an old frame around the house that we haven't been using and placed the Sihouette in the frame. 

With interruptions from my very active son this project took me a little under an hour to complete. This makes for the perfect Christmas gift for anyone and I actually might make more for some other family members. If you have time you can paint the silhouette and modge podge it onto items, like a Christmas ornament or a moleskin journal. 

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this ;) i was going to make something for the grandmas and i knew i wanted a silhouette of the kids and now i know how!!

  2. That is so cute. I have read silhouette tutorials before and they always looked intimidating. This looks like something I could do. Thanks for breaking it down in simple steps.

  3. Your welcome :-)
    Im actually thinking of doing a huge one for my step moms birthday of all the grandchildren. Thank goodness she only has 4 right now ;-)


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