Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY Photobooth Banner

Judah's Birthday is just a few days away and to be completely honest I feel overwhelmed and behind on preparing his birthday. Who knew birthday planning could be so hard. So the next few days I am going to be craftier than ever and maybe not be on Twitter or IG as much. For tonight's project I made a banner for Judah's "Mustache Bash" photo booth that will be at his party. This of course will be a DIY photo booth.

A few months ago I went to Unique and thrifted some sheets. I found one gorgeous vintage floral sheet that I am going to use as the background for the booth. Then I found some blue and yellow sheets that I was going to rip up. Tonight I ripped up the sheets, I had one long strand of the yellow sheet left that I was going to use to tie up the mini ripped up fabric onto.

I tied one end of the fabric onto this metal gate we have in our house ( I so want to get rid of this gate...all day today Judah tried putting his head in between the bars, but the gate was useful for this project). Then I just tied the yellow and blue fabric onto the one long yellow fabric. When I tied the fabric I made one tight knot and made sure all the fabric was pushed tight together. This would make the banner look a little bit more fluffy. 

My left handed scissors broke in mid project.  

I used tacks to put the big sheet onto the wall and used bread ties to create loops to hook onto the tacks.  I will probably put in two nails into the wall tomorrow to hook the banner onto. 

 And there you have it, one homemade banner for Judahs photo booth. I will straighten it out tomorrow and add more items to the photo booth area. 

Here is a closer look of the banner. Its going to look so pretty with the natural sunlight.

While I was cutting the fabric for the banner Scott decided that we both needed to laugh. Its been a rough couple of days...weeks...with Judahs on and off teething. I feel like one day he is a great baby and the next he is screaming for 4 hours because of his teeth. Nothing seems to be working. But we did manage making Judah and ourselves laugh at him tonight. 

Scott made Judah into a Toga Baby.

Then he was Sumo Baby. 

He really liked being a Sumo baby....and side note look at those teeth! I think his screams may be worth his beautiful smile that is forming.

Then he was Super Baby.

Chef baby.

and lastly Judah was three wise men baby.... 

I hope Judahs dress up baby pictures made you laugh as much as we did tonight.

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  1. zomg, that is great! i love fabric hangings :) we used something similar but long for our wedding alter.

  2. Your son is so adorable! I love the pictures they gave me a nice laugh lol!

  3. Thank you Jennifer :-)

    ahhh Melissa I wish I knew about this when I got married! I had this ghetto looking photo booth but this fabric hanging would have made it look really nice :-)


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