Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY Christmas Vases

I absolutely love the smell of Christmas! I love going to Christmas tree stands or walking into Wegmans your immediately hit with the wonderful smell of pine and cinnamon.  I wanted my house to smell the same way but I didn't want to purchase all the expensive pine wreaths or cinnamon sticks.

So for the past few months Judah has been helping me collect pine cones on our walks.

earlier this week I stuck the pin cones in a diaper box

and spray painted them all white, the diaper box kept the spray paint contained and I was able to shake the pine cones around so the spray paint would dispense evenly on the cones.

I still have my cinnamon scented pine cones from last year, they actually still smell pretty good. I grabbed some vases I have around the house, ribbon, scissors and a hot glue gun.

I cute the ribbon into strips that would wrap around the vase. I wanted a nice clean edge on the ribbon so I hot glue gun the end of the ribbon over. Then hot glued the ribbon onto a vase.

I tied ribbons around the other two vases just to make them all look a little different. Then I filled the three vases with both the scented and the spray painted cones. Since I had both I was able to fill three vases full instead of just one. Then I put the vases on a shelf with a "faith" sign I thrifted a few years ago. 

The vases were thrifted, white pine cones free and just sprayed them with some left over spray paint, had extra ribbon, the only thing I really paid for was the scented cones from last year and it was around $5 a bag.  These are so pretty I'm sure I can keep them up well past Christmas.

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