Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas at Cox Farms

All December I've been wanting to take Judah to a Christmas tree farm to take pictures of him, then this morning we realized we only have a few more days to do this! Since Judah and I have been battling a head cold we decided to stay local. Originally we were going to head up to the Berryville area and seek out a really good tree farm that I found online. But Scott told me that he knew of this place not to far from us that has great trees and some fun things for Judah, its called Cox Farms
Also this place is free!

Scott and Judah were dressed alike this morning. 

We drove up to the farm and were greeted by three pretty scaring looking bears with Santa Hats. Judah thought they were hilarious. We were going to let him stand next to them but I kept having visions of the unstable bear falling on top of my son. 

Judah decided that the Gingerbread girl is his girlfriend. I think he was confused as to why she wasn't hugging him back or blowing him kisses.

They had a train there! 

Taking a picture of the trees. He was so silly and kept sniffing all of them.

Judah LOVED the piggy elf. Ever since he was a little baby he has slept next to this stuffed piggy animal and when he wakes up from his naps he is typically holding the piggy pretty tightly. He must have thought the piggy grew up and came to life. Judah was literally squealing with delight.

We warmed up by the fire pit, they had marshmallows and hot dogs to roast.

They had a bunch of cute displays to take pictures at. 

They even had live animals at the farm. Judah loved listening to the chickens cluck.

We left with a bag full of homemade kettle corn and happy hearts. Found out that they will be closed Jan - March but will reopen right before Easter. One of the employees told us that they will have real bunnies and baby chicks for the kids to see.  We will be coming back in the Spring! 

We ended our impromptu visit to Cox farms with a much needed coffee break at Starbucks. Judah enjoyed some of his puffs while his parents sipped on coffee.

Today was a good day...

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