Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

2011 was mixed with allot of emotions, I was learning to be a first time mom and also learning to be a wife since it was our 2nd year of marriage. At the beginning of the year we were struggling with Scotts medical condition, where he would randomly have seizure like spasms and lose control over his body. In early spring we saw a Dr. in Philly who essentially fixed this. My husband after 5 years of struggling with this condition was able to get his life back and this had a huge positive impact on our family. I've also found a sweet community of moms that I hold dear to and I've started my own crochet business. 2011 has had its up and downs but it was a great year for the Judkins family. 

I wanted to make a few resolutions for 2012, ones that are focused around my family, our health and our hearts. So today after having a mini photo session with Judah and going on an 8 mile walk at Burke Lake park I wanted to share with you my personal resolutions. 

- 1 -
I resolve to have more adventures with my son. Venture out on the metro and take him to DC, take him to Burke Lake or any local park more frequently and actually attend a mommy meet up in the area. I know some days I can get so caught up in the stress of having my crochet orders done or trying to figure out what to do for dinner or just being fearful about meeting other moms. I just need to let that go for a few hours and carve out time for adventures with Judah, I know that these adventures with him will help mold his heart into being more willing to take chances and being less fearful on things when he is older. 

- 2 -
Let Judah draw everyday. I have a moleskin that I want to keep some of his drawings in. I know he is young, but I want to get my sons creative juices flowing early.

- 3 - 
This year is the year our family works out together. The entire time I've known Scott until last spring he has had an unexplained medical condition that essentially forced him to be careful with exercise or even regular things like walking up a hill. He could barely walk a mile with out having his legs give out on him, believe me this was incredibly stressful for both of us. But now that he can walk and run I want our entire family to be physically active together.  As a family I want us to work our way to running a local race. I have the Iron Man stroller and Judah who will only fit in it for a few more years.  Also I just tear up thinking of what an accomplishment this will be for our family, to be able to cross that finish line together. We will be celebrating how the Lord was able to heal my husband and how we were able to finish a race together. I never thought I could run with Scott. 

- 4 -
I will eat healthier snacks. I am the queen of sugar and am quite addicted to it. I wish I lived in Charlie's Chocolate factory, well at least the area that made the sour skittles, starbursts and served Starbucks all day long. But I've noticed after having Judah, my body doesn't react very well to massive amounts of sugar like it used to. I can't even eat popcorn anymore or my stomach would be hurting for hours afterwards. So instead I want to eat healthier snacks and also on that note drink more water. 

- 5 - 
Laugh every single day, I want my son to always remember my laughter.

- 6 -
I want to be kind to everyone I met. Ever since I had Judah I get kinda mama bear on people out in public. No lie he attracts allot of attention when we are out and about, typically I stare down people when they get with in my two feet comfortable zone near him. But I've realized recently while taking Judah to the post office during Christmas season, that not everyone wants to spread their germs or try to touch my baby. That they may have something they are going through in their life and my son for some reason has given them a reason to smile at that moment. I need to be better at being kind to people. But also aware at the same time on how to protect my son and teach him safe boundaries.

- 7 -
Encourage a stranger at least once a month. I saw that some people were doing this for an advent during the holiday season, that each day they would open something and it would be almost a "task" to encourage a stranger. I wanted to do this with Judah and mentioned it to Scott who thought this was a great idea. Still thinking of the encouragement ideas but I am pretty excited to teach Judah the gift of random encouragement and share with you what we end up doing.

- 8 -
Actually have two date nights a month with just my husband and myself.....I know this would be huge for us because we only had two date nights with just the two of us in 2011. On that note...find a trustable sitter in the area...does anyone know of any? 

These are resolutions that will all hopefully impact our family, our health and our hearts. What are your resolutions?

Here are some pictures from Judahs NYE photoshoot in our backyard area. Yes I dragged one of our chairs out to the wooded area. 

I love his eyes, they keep changing from Scotts blue to my green.

Always smiling, my sweet happy son. 

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Judahs first Library visit!

Anyone in my family would tell you that when I was a kid my favorite place to be was the library, no kidding my father would ground me from the library and make me play outside when I got into trouble. I know it sounds kind of backwards, but what can I say I'm a nerd at heart. I've been counting down the days to when I can finally introduce Judah to the local library. They really don't have much to offer children under the age of 1 so I wanted to wait till he was at least a toddler. 

Today we decided to check out the downtown Fairfax Library. Since it's a regional branch I knew they had ongoing activities for toddlers and I wanted to see what they had to offer. Also I was excited to show Judah the "children's section". I wanted to document Judah's first time here so I had him pose for a few pictures in the parking garage. We were sorta confused as to why we were the only people parked in the garage. We thought their had to be other book loving nerds that were excited to go to the library at 10 am on a Wednesday morning. 

But we found out the branch didn't open till 1pm. Kinda bummed we left, ran some errands and then took Judah home for a nap. 

When he woke up Scott was telling me of another library in Burke that might be closer to our house. Another library that I don't know of? I've seriously visited every branch in a 25 mile radius. The Burke Library had a pretty nice children's section, with lots of stuffed animals for Judah to look at. 

They even had these cute little signs to get the kids excited about reading!

We picked out some books, then we let Judah sit in this really neat chair on the other side of the building.

I think Judah thought he was a big dinosaur and tried to eat the book. No harm done, Scott took it from him before he could do any damage.  

We came home with a pretty decent stash of books and two DVDs. I absolutely love having a boy and my heart just feels like it could burst from his little pile of dogie, train and dino books. 

For those who were wondering, I truly loved the Library growing up, it was my place to escape from everything. A few years ago when I went to visit my sister Kaylee in Connecticut I asked if she wanted to go with me to visit our Library.  I'm cheering on the front steps because we arrived. 

Smelling the books to make my sister laugh. 

I'm so excited to share my affinity for books and the fun experience of going to the Library to check out fun books.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday

Normally I do my thrift days and post on Thursdays but since my husband is on vacation all week he decided I needed a break from Judah. I rarely leave the house with out Judah for long periods of time, I think because he is my first I get anxious to let someone watch him and I also end up missing Judah when I am out. Needless to say I need the break. So I hit up some of my favorite thrift stores. The first one I went to was Good Will, I used to always find some good items here, but recently it has been lacking. I think its because of the recent reorganization and the hike in prices, since I was disappointed with the Good Will stop I thought about going straight home, plus it was raining outside and I just missed Judah. So I called my husband who encouraged me to go ahead and try another thrift store and maybe get some coffee, .so I stopped by Starbucks and headed over to Unique. The traffic wasn't that bad and I was pretty relaxed because I didn't have a baby in tow.

Unique was absolutely empty and they had great items! I found a cute fisher price rain jacket for Judah, I'm not sure if its vintage but I've never seen one like it, also it won't fit him till he is 3 or 4 but I had to grab it. Found this cute vintage plaid button up shirt for $1, the book "where the wild things are" is brand new and was 60 cents. The "Ive Got Joy" book is a songbook from the 80s with guitar chords, I thought it would be cute for Scott and Judah to learn the songs together....and my favorite this charming little faith picture that is painted on a wooden plaque. 

When I got home I immediately took down the pictures I had on my main level bathroom and put this up and it matches the bathroom perfectly.

A closer look of the fisher price jacket.  I did find a few fisher price toys, but Judah has so many from my best friend who dropped off an entire truck full of toys and Christmas that I don't know where I would put any more toys. I think in January I am going to give a bunch away to a women's shelter. 

Also found Judah a Tony Hawk sweat shirt, one cute red plaid vintage dress with hand embroidered flowers on it (planning on using this as a surprise gift to one of my blogger mamas) and picked up Judahs pen pal Scarlet a dress, a cute hat and two books. My sweet friend Natalie who is Scarlets mom just happens to look like Belle and Sleeping Beauty is a classic. 

 Then I visited another thrift store near me that's a hit or miss place. They didn't have to many good finds but they did have a huge sale on Christmas items and I found a bag of hand crochet dollies for 50 cents. 

I spent less than $20 on my thrifting adventures today. Then I headed over to Einsteins Bagels for a veg out bagel before heading home. When I got back, missing my guys terribly I walked into this...Scott reading to Judah. He loves this book! But gets scared of the black sheep. Does anyone else's kid get scared of the black sheep?  Judah seriously starts shaking in terror and cries real tears when he sees the sheep and I have to stick my finger in the next page and skip over it when I am reading to him. I'm not sure why he reacts this way because I don't think he has met a sheep in real life yet.

Then they had a daddy and son guitar session. Since I let Judah play with one of my older guitars he now knows how to strum the chords. 

Judah decided he wanted to use the guitar Nana gave him for his birthday. It makes dogie sounds. 

This afternoon Judah had a hard time with his teething, yes another molar coming in. While he was screaming I remembered my friend Heidi gave us this neat star teething toy. When Judah bites down on the star it vibrates against his gums. 

He was my hat model for a bit today. I am making a bunch of hats to put in the store and realized Judah needed a few to wear around to be my model. Scott needs matching ones.  

Then tonight we all had Sushi, Judah even ate Jello from chopsticks.

Hopefully this week we can go into DC to visit some of the museums, Im kinda really loving our Christmas family break.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

DIY Christmas Breakfast - A Two Bite Bacon & Eggs in Toast Cups

Merry Christmas!

Remember my post earlier this week here that I wrote on Christmas and how I wanted to start new traditions with my family. Here is one we started today that made me feel like Julia Child. I made two bite bacon & eggs in toast cups for Christmas morning breakfast and they were super easy! 
Here is how I made them.

First I started the morning off by throwing some Cinnamon Rolls in the over while Judah opened his presents. I knew he couldn't eat the toast cups just yet and I wanted him to have a special breakfast with us. But I also wanted to make sure they were cooled down by the time we had our breakfast.

When they finished baking I kept the oven at 400 degrees and started preparing for the Breakfast Bites.

This recipe makes 6 cups

6 pieces of bread (I used honey wheat)
6 pieces of bacon (I used turkey bacon)
6 eggs
Baking spray
1/5 cup of shredded cheese

Preheat your over to 400 degrees, while you are waiting for your oven to heat up your going to prepare the toast cups. You take your slices of bread and make round shapes that match the muffin tin. What I did was take a tester piece of bread and put it under the muffin tin so I can get the exact shape. Then I pressed down so it makes a circle onto the bread.

Once I cut out the tester circle I went ahead and laid it on top of the other pieces of bread and used a knife to cut out the exact shape. This way my bread wasn't squished down flat and still semi fluffy.

I don't like to waste my bread so I keep it in the freezer in a bag that I can always take out/defrost for when Scott, Judah and I visit the ducks or birds at Burke Lake. You can also keep the bread to make homemade stuffing.

You want to cook the bacon for about 3 mins on the stove, just till its partially cooked.
Make sure you spray each tin with the cooking spray and then you place the cut out bread pieces in each tin. Shape the bacon onto the cups, what I did was cut the bacon so it was about 1.5" long, then I cut the middle so I can twist it and shape it nicely onto the cups. Sprinkle 1 Tbs of shredded cheese into each cup. Place the tin into the oven for 5 mins to allow the bacon to toast a little more. Remove from oven.

When you take out the pan  place pan on an ovenmit. You will crack an egg (one per cup) and  separate out most of the egg white. I put it all into one bowl and covered/put the bowl in the fridge for tomorrows breakfast of egg whites. Salt/pepper each cup and put back into the oven for 8-10 mins.

Remove from oven when done and pop out using a spoon, serve warm.

 I felt like Julia Child when I was finished making this. They are delicious and taste like you spent hours making when it only took about 30 mins.

Here is a video of Judah enjoying his first Cinnamon Roll.

Did you make any special meals as a Christmas tradition?

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sprinting to see Santa!

Can you believe Christmas is just two days away! I sure can't believe it and we have just two days to see Santa. After spending most of the night/into the morning at the ER with Judah I was tempted to just skip the whole Santa thing this morning. I kept making excuses to my husband by saying "Its okay, Judah doesn't have to see Santa this year, its not that important, plus he will probably get sick from the germs on Santa from all the sick kids." But my husband knows me all to well. He asked me "Is this something that your going to regret 6 months from now?" I started thinking....Yes, yes it is! Lets go see Santa now! 

Scott and I didn't even shower and we gave Judah a bath last night. So all I had to do was dress Judah in some jeans and a cute shirt and we were out the door! I thought we were making good time and we decided to go to Fairoaks Mall instead of Dulles. Fairoaks  mall is allot closer and we can beat the people who were like us and waited last min to get the Santa picture.

Judah was really cute on our ride to the mall, we had the radio station on WGTS and he was singing along.

As soon as we parked I saw a family all dressed up in Santa hats start walking into the mall. I looked at Scott who was holding Judah and I shouted "RUN!!!!".  Judah was laughing because we ran through Macy's downstairs and around the corner towards Santa's snow globe ....I actually ran past the Santa line and kept running till I heard Scott calling my name.  When I turned around I walked back towards Scott who was standing at the end of the line with some other people who were laughing at me. We did beat the family with the Santa hats. Go us for gaining 10 mins!

While we were standing in the line, Mrs Clause came by to tell everyone it was going to be about an hour and a half wait. Scott decided to run back to the car to get the Ergo because we were coming up on Judah's nap. As soon as he left, creepy Santa lady kept trying to touch Judah's face. I asked her a few times not to and even moved him away from her, but she kept getting closer. Finally I had to just ignore her because she wouldn't stop talking to Judah, totally ignoring me only when I would tell her to stop she would say "He wants me to touch him, he is smiling". Scott finally arrived and she walked away. 

Judah loved being in the Ergo. I was able to run to Burger King and grab him some chicken nuggets. For mamas on the run, the BK Chicken nuggets are a billion times better than Chick Fil A, believe me I was surprised. The Chick Fil A line next door was way to long for me to stand in and I'm pretty grateful I was able to test BK nuggets.

I had to make a quick stop at the Apple store while Scott stood in line.  Since we ran out of the house I didn't realize that my phone battery was dying and I needed it charged for pictures. The apple employees were super nice and allowed me to use one of their chargers in the store. When I came back Judah was asleep on Scott. 

Unbelievably cute. 

Judah would have loved the Polar Bears, but we didn't want to wake him because we knew we had another 45 mins in line. 

Almost ready to enter the "snow globe!"This was such a better set up than Dulles town center, it was absolutely magical.

They even had "snow" in the globe! 

We woke Judah up from his nap and I think he was a little in shock that he was in a winter wonderland snow globe. He kept looking around and smiling.

Judah loved the fake snow and glitter. We were covered and it was fantastic.

 Waking up for Santa and trying to flirt with the snow princess. 

One of the "Elves" told us when its our turn to drop Judah off and run, this helps the babies/kids not cry so you can get a good picture. I wasn't sure how Judah was going to take to Santa. But as soon as Scott dropped Judah off, Judah just looked at Santa and couldn't stop smiling at him. I'm so happy we stayed and waited the 1.5 hours to get these pictures. 

Afterwards we were all pretty famished so we hit up our favorite Pho place before we headed home.

So grateful we were able to get our "Santa" pictures today. This is something we will be able to look back on for years to come. 

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