Thursday, November 10, 2011

Williamsburg Vacation!

So I had every intention on updating the blog everyday while we were out here. But needless to say we are having so much fun that I keep forgetting. Here are some glimpses into the past few days of our vacation in Williamsburg.

Also Judah has been extra cranky, I realized when I put my finger in his mouth yesterday to see if he actually does have any teeth coming in, that he has three teeth coming in!!! One molar and two next to the molar. This explains why he has been off the charts with whining the past few days. 

I was going to start Jess's no bread no sugar diet for 14 days while we were out here, but I didn't plan ahead for it and to be honest its really hard trying to do this while on vacation, I'll do it when I get home. So each morning we get Duncan Donuts. Here is Scott posing with his Movember mustache and his tiny cup of ice they gave him.

Judah had some of Scotts donut and looks like he is crashing from a sugar high.

 For the past few days we have been walking everywhere, hitting up local thrift stores and walking to Williamsburg, its about a mile away from our time share and the walk takes us right through the collage of William and Mary. The trees are beautiful.

Judah met his first horse! He was laughing so hard he was crying, at first he started to spook the horse but he got used to Judah.

Judahs favorite thing to rocks...

He thought it was funny that Scott wanted to baby wear him walking back to the car.
 Of course the one time I forget an extra pair of cloths Judah has a diaper explosion.

Scott and Judah sang karaoke at the timeshare event on Monday night.

Judah and I both love the tub here! Make sure we extra scrubbed it before using.

Didn't even realize he was standing up on his own.

We went to Lynne and Bills house for dinner. I used to work with Lynne at McLean Bible Church. Judah loves their piano. Bill held him while they played/sang songs.

Saluting Lynne on the rocking horse. He kept calling her Nana, it was really cute.

Playing more songs with Bill
 Judah was so exhausted by the end of the day. One thing for sure, Judah is getting great sleep on this trip.
 Wednesday morning we went thrifting, for a few hours! I was able to find these adorable Christmas ornaments! I had these when I was a little girl in Germany. I especially love the little mustache soldier.
 Then we went to Jamestown, we are probably going back today. Its by far one of the prettiest places I have ever been to. Right when you walk in its like your heart takes a giant sigh.

Judah of course trying to eat more rocks. 

Scott and Judah overlooking the Jamestown river.
 Deer where everywhere! They only moved away if we got super close because Judah was yelling at them because he was so excited.

Its like we had the whole place to ourselves. 

Judah stopped to pose for some non rock eating pictures. He was excited because the deer were about 12 feet from us by the trees.

 Love my son
 Always wanting a bath, I guess his fear for baths disappeared on this trip.
 Bubble hawk. Such a happy boy.

Today is a bit slower for us, Judah is napping while I look for ideas on Pintrest for his birthday that is coming up in a month!!!

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