Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what makes you smile

The holiday season can be tough for allot of people.  For some, family or friends come out of the woodwork and create drama or stress, for others they are reminded that they don't have family or many friends or you find yourself  getting caught up on getting the best and most expensive gift for people and totally getting stressed out over it. The holidays tend to bring about allot of stress. But its also a time of great joy for people. After a particular rough start to this week I have been trying to focus on things that make me smile. Like this video of my son Judah. We taught him how to snort like a pig, to his piggy.

Or this mini photoshoot I did with him in our backyard today...seriously I was laughing till I cried. He looks so funny dressed up as a little man with a mustache.

waving at the birds, which made me smile

Oh and this video makes Judah smile, I have it saved on a Youtube playlist on my phone for him. Its the cutest thing watching his little fingers try to grab the little birdie flying around in the video.

So when ever I start feeling anxious, or stressed from the holiday/birthday season, or I catch myself feeling blue because I haven't seen enough of the sun during the day. I just think of my sweet son Judah. How I am so blessed to be his mommy. I think of his sweet smile, how his eyes crinkle up to half moons, his toothy grins, messy hair,  how he is always with a stuffed animal preferably one of his doggies. This little guy of mine loves to wake me up in the morning with smiles, who loves to snuggle and hug really tight, likes to crawl as fast as he can, or stand up and try to take steps when I am not looking, who loves to wave at the sun the birds the trees and the clouds in the sky. I think of him, I hug him, I put my face close to his face to make him laugh and then I completely forget about the stress of the world. 

what makes you smile

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