Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Fun

About to head to bed because we have a big day tomorrow. We are headed to Virginia Beach to meet an IG mama Paige and her son for the first time. I am so excited but need sleep to make sure we will all have a good time.

This morning Judah was super cuddly, and kept crawling over to us and trying to snuggle. We gave him his morning bottle and he wanted to feed himself!

Then we decided to head out to Newport News to check out another Goodwill. Im so happy we did because I found so many good deals on cloths for Scott, Judah and myself. Even scored these almost brand new Yo Gabba Gabba vans that are typically $40 for only $3! Yes I screamed when I saw them.

We were browsing the toy section and found this wig and this mini guitar...and of course I put it on my cute kid and laughed at him while we took pictures. People were looking at us like we were strange but I didn't care.

Stopped by our hotel so Judah could take his mid morning nap. All he wanted to do was play quietly in his crib. Mainly chewing on everything, including his socks, I guess they feel good to his teething gums. 

This afternoon we decided to head out to Colonial Williamsburg again. 

We decided to hunt down some Gunpowder tea for a blogger mama friend of mine We went to several different stores and no one had any idea what I was talking about. Even stopped by the colonial tea shop. Judah loved the plant dog they had up front. But the people who worked there said their is no such tea.

Walked into some of the shops in Colonial williamsburg and I found the tea! I'm so happy we went to the shop because I ended up getting some really nice knitted colonial socks for myself.

It was beautiful but very cold and very crowded out.

Judah was being bad... just kidding...  

He loved the soldiers.

it was getting cold so Scott held Judah and wrapped him in his hoodie, Judah didn't mind. 

At home we were watching Winnie the Pooh an they had a preview for Lady and the Tramp. Judah got really sad because they were dogs and he really likes dogs. Now every time he sees on he wants to pet it. So here he is pouting because he couldn't pet the dogs on TV. 

And we ended the night with a bubble bath.... 

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