Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifting Thursdays

Have I mentioned that I am determined to thrift 90% of my sons Mustache Bash/1st Birthday party decor. I figured I had to, because not only is thrifting fun, but I am able to throw an epic birthday party on a budget. So Judah and I went to our favorite thrift store, he loves it to because he waves at everyone from the shopping cart, and recently has been trying to talk to the other babies around him. Its pretty adorable.

I found this really old book of records, it says it belonged to Nate King Cole, not sure if that's really his handwriting but it was only $1.71 so I bought it for my brother in law Mark for Christmas. 

Finally found some fisher price stuff for Judah. This was only $3. I have a friend who is going to send me over some of her little people that she is no longer using. 

For Judahs photobooth I am going to use the floral sheet as the backdrop and then rip up the blue and yellow fabric and make a banner. I'll post a DIY in a few days and show you what I am talking about.  

Found some yellow streamers, an old top hat for a photo booth prop and some black fabric. I am going to post another DIY of making tiny mustache pillows. I actually might make them into tiny mustache pillow ornaments since Judahs birthday is in December.  

 Found our stockings! They are granny squares crochet together. I am going to make Judah a similar one. 

I am in love with all things vintage/crochet/and fabric for the Christmas tree this year. I want to make sure I am able to hang things with out hooks because I know Judah will try to eat the tree.  

Our shipment of Judahs party favors came in!!! 

I was so excited to try one on. Judah was laughing at first but when I started talking he wasn't to happy. 

Then I was able to distract him with a notebook and try the mustache nose/glasses on him.  

Did you have any good thrift finds on "Thrifting Thursdays?" 

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