Tuesday, November 29, 2011

three years ago today

I used to work next to a woman named Laura at McLean Bible Church and for about four years she would tell me about this "amazing hot worship leader guy" that she knows that I should meet. That he was one of her husbands best friends and that he worked with students like I did and he liked to pull pranks like I did. I didn't really want to meet anyone and was tired of my heart getting broken and to be honest all I wanted to do was work at my position at the church for a bit longer before I moved to a 3rd world country to dedicate my life to helping impoverish children. Since the Lord was already tugging at my heart when I went to Cairo and the Dominican Republic to work with children I decided that I didn't need to be married anymore and that working with them would be my life's work.

Laura at the time was pregnant with her first son Christopher (toph) and her and her husband Paul just bought this run down house in Fairfax, seriously it used to be a drug house, Paul even pulled out stolen guns from the inside of the dry wall when he tore the house up. Laura was due any day, the house had to be fixed up/painted ect and I was feeling really bad for them. So I said to Laura "tell me the dates and I can get a bunch of the interns to come over and paint, it will be fun". Little did I know that Laura and Paul convinced Scott to come over and help paint so we could meet. Scott will tell anyone, he hates painting and he almost cancelled that morning, but something told him that he better show up. I took the main level bathroom, was having fun painting it all by myself. My friend Natalie and Nicole took the bedrooms and Ryan and Nate took the living room. As I was painting the bathroom Laura runs in (9 months pregnant) and says "Jess!!! Come out and meet my friend Scott, he is this amazing hot christian worship leader!" I said "Laura you are pregnant and have to stay away from the paint fumes! Introduce him to Natalie or Nicole they are way prettier". Scott walked over a few mins later and waved at me and said hi, I laughed because he had that ridiculous painters outfit on. Yes I asked to take a picture of him.

Once I was finished painting the bathroom I walked into the kitchen where Scott was taking apart a stove. Right when I walked him he said "someone please help me" I guess the hood of the stove was still attached to some wires and he needed someone to hold up the hood of the stove. I walked in at just the right time and said I could help. The entire time Scott was joking around asking me which wire I think he should cut and it was honestly freaking me out. I didn't want to die. Scott told me later he was flirting. 

I guess it worked because I was so nervous I stepped in some paint and ruined my shoes. I did keep these shoes because I knew after meeting Scott that I was going to marry him.

 Scott and I ended up dating for real a few weeks later when Laura  and Paul invited us over to play Settlers of Catan. Found out that we are the biggest pranksters, love working with students, love helping other people out, having Thai food or Sushi, I can kick his but at Settlers of Catan and he makes me laugh. A year later we were engaged, a year after that we were married and expecting our first, and this year Judah took his first steps and we are going to celebrate our his first birthday in a few weeks. 

Things happened kinda fast for us. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

Plus we wouldn't have had this amazing little guy if it wasn't for our "painting set up".

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