Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfulness and Thanksgiving

Last night as I crawled into bed, I ended up getting Judah from his crib and bringing him into our bed with us. It was a rare night where he actually fell asleep in his own crib, but I wanted Judah to wake up to his first Thanksgiving on this earth next to the two people that are most Thankful for him.

I was super cheesy today and had our whole family wear plaid. I am thankful that Scott and Judah let me sleep in for a little bit. I've been staying up super late for the past few weeks doing custom crochet orders for My Charming Colors. 

I'm thankful for my sons smile. It makes me smile. 

My sister Rhonda and brother in law Mark sent Judah a birthday gift the other day. I am thankful for the box it came in, it made a great turn table for DJ My Little Mustache. 

I'm thankful for a cooked turkey!!! This time it wasn't raw and I am happy to say we do not have food poisoning. 

Thankful for a simple meal, great sweet potato salad with pecans, can you believe I've never had pecans until I met Scott. They are absolutely heavenly. I am thankful that Scott and I were able to have Thanksgiving together as a family. 

Thankful that we were so excited for this little guy to get up from his nap to try out his first Thanksgiving dinner. I do admit we made it easy for him to get up by walking in the room and opening up some shades. He woke up with a smile on his face ready to feast. 

He wanted us to try his turkey. I'm thankful for Judahs sharing heart. 

We took Thanksgiving pictures outside. Judah wasn't really having it because his teeth started hurting really bad again. But I am thankful for our wonderful weather and the few pictures we have. 

I love being his mama. 

 Thankful for my guys.
 Thankful for sleep. This little guy screamed for almost three hours tonight. We were all worn out. Also thankful for finishing up this cute custom Owl Hat. 

I can't wait to see what everyone else did for Thanksgiving! Check back later today for the Julias Poppies Christmas Card giveaway. 

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