Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Baby....

Judah is two weeks away from turning one...and his body is just turning into a toddler... a very tall, very active and very loud toddler. Yesterday even though it was Black Friday we had to go out to pick up some diapers, wipes and Tylenol. Judah was excited to get out of the house. 

We went to Target, the lines were not bad at all. Grabbed the diapers, wipes, Tylenol and some other things for the house. Looked around for any of the Black Friday deals. I was pretty disappointed with what they had. I was going to grab this one dogie for Judah (I can program it to say Judah's name) for his birthday because he flips out when he sees it every time we show it to him. But Scott thinks they will go on sale on cyber Monday, if we don't find it on sale then I am just going back to Target to get it for Judah.

Decided to stop by Wal-mart and check out their deals. They had more stuff for kids, unfortunately Judah is to young for most of the stuff, but I was able to snag a rocking horse from the Toy Story for Christmas for Judah. We thought it would be nice to have it under the tree for when he wakes up. Oh the excitement of having a child during Christmas morning. 

Got home to a birthday package for Judah from one of my sweet blogger mamas Shawntae. It was this CUTE Mr Mustache  shirt from H&M! I've been looking for it for months and was told it was only being sold on the West Coast.  She also sent him this adorable grandpa sweater from H&M. I can't believe how sweet Shawntae was thoughtful enough to send Judah a birthday package.  Judah is now blowing kisses and wanted to blow some to Miss  Navy James.

Thursday night we finally put up our Christmas tree. Judah can kinda say "tree". Its really cute how he is starting to mimic our words. 

Helping daddy put up the tree is pretty exhausting and he just wanted to cuddle and have some milk. 

Today I finished a hat I've been thinking of making for Judah. Its a "Mustache Hat". I'm almost finished with one more for the shop and will be updating hopefully by Monday.

Finally decorated our tree. Found one of Scotts Santa hats. My husband thinks Christmas is the greatest day in the world... he goes a little nuts and even plays Christmas music in July. I guess Judah is just like his daddy because they both love the Christmas tree and Judah loves wearing his daddies Santa hats.. 

He was sooo cute! Just wanted to sit in front of the tree with his mustache soldier ornament naked and stare at the lights. This year all the ornaments are either hand sewn or crochet. Also I do not have any hooks or glass ornaments. I am to paranoid that my soon to be walking little boy will try to eat a hook. 

Judah has been screaming non stop the past few days. If you happen to think about us this week please pray that Judah passes this phase soon and we are able to get some sleep. We are thinking its not just teething but tantrums. Tonight we were at our wits end and needed a break from the house so we went to McDonalds to get ice-cream. 

finally fell asleep. My ears are still ringing from three straight days of on and off screaming at the top of his lungs. But our tree is decorated, my family is healthy and safe and I know this is just a phase for Judah.  Even though this has been a rough week dealing with these screams. I'm still treasuring everyday because my sweet boy will be one soon.

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  1. What a CUTE hat! How adorable! I love the christmas season ones as well! I love your blog and the creativity behind it! :)



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