Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real Online Friends

Its no secret I love my online community. I have become friends with people that I now consider some  my close friends, people I look forward to talking to everyday, people that we share life together through our blogs, IG pictures or even twitter. So when Scott and I decided to take our vacation in Williamsburg this year I contacted one of my online mama friends Paige and we decided to meet up.

Judah eating some Duncan Donut munchkins this morning.

On our way to Virginia Beach

We decided to meet up at my favorite breakfast place in Virginia Beach. Pocohantas Pancakes.

When Paige walked into the pancake house with her son I stood up and hugged her, felt like I've finally gotten to see my sweet mama friend that I've been wanting to see for months. 

Judah and J were immediate best friends. Judah watched J the entire breakfast and would smile at home and try to talk in his baby talk. J was shy at first but started to warm up to us. 

Our waitress and manager came out to take pictures of Judah in his wig. He was flirting with them both.

The dudes were able to bond over chewing on some jelly packages.

Then we headed down the street to the park to let the boys play.

Judah was always trying to crawl after J. This was so cute, he actually said "come on udah". 

Judah loves Paige and her son. Im so happy I was able to get the chance to hang out with them for a bit today and meeting them literally made my entire vacation! I was so excited to be able to connect face to face with this sweet mama friend that I've known for months.  I can't wait to hang out with this wonderful family even more in the future. 

Plus our boys have already decided they are besties...they just don't know it yet.

 Judah was so exhausted from his day of fun that he fell asleep as soon as we put him in the car for the drive back to the hotel. He didn't even notice that I put his mustache on him for a quick picture.

I think its wonderful when you are able to connect with people you have met online and see that they are real normal people. 

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