Sunday, November 27, 2011

our sunday

Since Judah has been teething super bad and woke up a few times last night screaming. We decided to start the morning off by getting the Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks. Scott put this reindeer hat on Judahs head and he didn't try taking it off. 

Walked over to Safeway to stock up on some cereal for the week. No kidding my husband eats like 3-4 boxes of cereal a week. I have no idea how many boxes of cereal we are going to go through a week once Judah becomes a teen.  

We also started discipline for Judah today, our what to expect the first year said to start when he is 11 months, so we are a little behind. He do. But up until this week we haven't had to really discipline him. If I tell him no (touching a cord or my phone) he typically stops what he is doing. This past week everything has changed, Judah not only has his teething scream, where he is inconsolable until I hold him, put hylands teething gel on him or press my finger down and massage his gums. He also has this "I will scream if I don't get my way scream". Let me tell you, that is the worst scream in the world, if you are tired from lack of sleep that scream will jolt you right up. He did one in starbucks today and everyone in starbucks stopped what they were doing and looked at him. I do not want Judah to get into the habit of throwing tantrums especially in public places, I know I can't control a cranky and or hungry child in public, but I will do my best to try to instill discipline in him. So I asked a bunch of my mama friends what to do and one friend of mine told me how she gave her son "time out" or "thinking time" and started doing this when he was around Judahs age. So when Judah throws a fit because I won't let him drink my coffee, hold my phone, or because he won't get his way, we take him to the corner and set a timer for a min on our phone and sit with him and let him know calmly that we do not scream when we want something. He thinks its a game, but hopefully we are instilling good behavior skills for the future, so he doesn't flip out and scream like he did at starbucks today. 

This afternoon after Judahs nap we went to Burke Lake Park. I've never been to the other side of the park that walks along the lake. We spent two hours just walking around. 

Scott was holding Judah and letting him try to stand on the rock/climb wall.

such a big boy, I think he was trying to show off with the other kids around. 

again trying to show off, or he noticed all the other kids running and wanted to try walking instead of Scott carrying him around. 

 So excited watching all the kids.

My favorite picture of the day. Judah giving thumbs up to the world as he stands.  

I love my son so much. 

Hopefully this week Judah and I can spend more time at some local parks, maybe finally do a mommy meet up, make some DIY handprint ornaments for Christmas gifts, also I am going to meet Scott up at the Dulles Town Center so Judah can get his first picture with Santa Clause! Maybe I can get him to ride the train with me around the mall as well. This is such a fun age to be around him.

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  1. So adorable!! And to think I get "yelled" at for going through ONE box a week!


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