Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mustache Graphics

Recently I've had some graphics made, for Judahs blog and for his first birthday party thats coming up.

The first graphic I did was my blog banner

A favorite mama blogger I follow Jess Craig created both of these graphics for me. What I did was pin a bunch of ideas I had on Pinterest and sent her board. She then created this in just two days! I've worked with some very talented graphic designers at MBC and I never thought I would be able to have someone create something like this for me. Also it wasn't that expensive only $25!

The other graphic I recently had made was Judahs birthday cards. I really wanted to go with Jess Craig again but Scott was able to find the lady on Etsy who designed this card that I pinned a few months ago. 

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest


The shop owners name is Betsy and I emailed her asking if she would be able to add a male (Scott) to this picture and she did! Also how cute is it that the tag on the stroller says "our little mustache" when Judah is our little mustache! 

She even made us a sign for Judahs photo booth that Im making for the party

Its going to be a busy two weeks for me as I prepare for my sons first birthday party! I will be sure to post all the fun DIY mustache party items so you can use for your own parties.

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  1. def loving the graphic at the start of the post!!



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