Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mom Life...some funny challenges of being a mom

This week on my twitter and IG account I have been hash tagging allot of pictures with #momlife. Mom life is now my normal life and I wanted to share with you some of the pictures of this weeks challenges.

Im constantly fishing pieces of cardboard out of Judahs mouth, he must be teething again because he wants to eat everything that is non food this week. Or it could be that he is a boy and wants to eat everything.

This week I have been so exhausted with Judah teething, getting into things, having a weird sleep schedule and running all over the place. I look forward to Thursday nights because  its my mommy night where I am able to watch Greys Anatomy and crochet while Judah sleeps. I decided to make some popcorn like I normally do on Thursday nights, forgot it was popping and ended up burning the popcorn. I went to grab a plastic bag to put the burnt popcorn in, the plastic bag melted onto my emeril pan which was still hot so I placed the pan onto the kitchen carpet and burned a big round pan mark into my rug. I really hated the rug, so I just made another non burnt pan of popcorn and threw out the rug in Fridays trash.

Finally after finishing some crochet orders I decided to go to sleep. Judah is still co-sleeping with us and likes to sleep sideways. I almost fall off my bed every single night because of him.

Friday morning, realized that all my spoons were being washed in the dishwasher...I used one of Judahs to eat my cereal in the morning. Which I did not finish because Judah was crying over something.

Judah was in rare form yesterday, at first he was eating his old diaper box, then pushing it around into everything, so I put him in his walker (figured it was safer) I hear a crash and walk over to see Judah pulling the dining room chairs on top of himself.

Went to the kitchen to make some coffee, Judah got into the fridge.

A few mins later he got into the cereal....again... my sister Rhonda suggested I move the cereal to a higher shelf, seriously why haven't I thought of this before, Oh I know why its mommy brain.

he liked hearing himself crawl all around in the cheerios

I actually thought it was funny enough to video tape... I mean seriously, how can you be upset at this

Judah had a major meltdown after he saw Scott check his blood sugar. Scott has juvinille diabetes/has had it since he was 12 years old. Since we know he will have diabetes for the rest of his life, unless by some miracle there is a cure in our lifetime. We know we have to get Judah used to Scott checking his blood sugar and also have to train Juadh as to what to do if Scott has a seriously low blood sugar and needs a shot. Judah wanted to play with Scotts kit (has a needle in it) and we wouldn't let him. Judah  wasn't to happy with us. 

This is typical of my husband, multi tasking by taking Judah upstairs to get ready for bed while putting all the bottles in his pockets.

So this mom life, although it can be challenging at times...its a good life. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

What are some funny things your kids have done that made you realize this is "mom life"?

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