Monday, November 21, 2011

I Must-Ache you a question

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Judahs birthday is coming up and I wanted to ask each of you if you would be willing to participate in a fun project I am doing for his birthday. I wanted to get pictures of people/children or even your dog wearing a mustache or a wig with a sign (can be handwritten on a piece of paper) saying "Happy Birthday Judah". I wanted to compile all these pictures and make a video for Judahs birthday which is on  "December 10th". If you would like to participate please email me your picture as an attachment by December 5th to jessica.a.west (at) and I will post the video here on Saturday December 10th. 

Also ideas for getting a mustache

  • If you have the iPhone 5 there is an app called "Stachematic Camera" and you can put a stache on any picture of yours. (this can be easier for wiggly babies...or dogs)
  • Another Ap that can be downloaded for any iPhone is called "Mustache Machine Lite"
  • Draw a mustache on a piece of paper or cardboard, color it in and then use tape to stick on your face. You can also stick these mustaches on a stick.
  • Or just draw one on your finger and put your finger in front of your kids face
Thank you all for doing this! Im truly encouraged and literally laughing till I almost cry with each picture I have gotten in so far. 

lots of love 
Judah and Jess


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