Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Movember

A few weeks ago Katie on was running a giveaway for a mustache on a stick. You can read all about the giveaway here. Since Judah is my little mustache I went to her blog to check out the giveaway and read that it was for a cause called Movember. Since Judah is the baby who sometimes wear a mustache I decided to sign up to become a mo'sista and mo'baby for the month of November.

Movember is the month formally known as November, where men and women across the globe come together to raise awareness and funds for Men's health issues, specifically cancers caused in Men. For the entire month of Movember men will grow out their stache to raise awareness for these men issues. To read more about Movember and see how you can join in the cause go to my page here

After our "Movember" photoshoot we decided to check out Clemjontri Park in McLean. If you are in the area and have children, go to this park. Its the most amazing children's park I have ever been to! It has little play areas for children of all ages and the ground is this soft rubber ground so if Judah falls down he wouldn't get hurt. I think I was more excited than Judah when we were walking around.

Walking into the park, we packed all of Judahs snacks in his Darth Vader backpack.

He loved the firetruck, there were a few girls hanging out in the area and he kept crawling up to them and saying dadee dadee.

They had this entire little music station and Judah had fun learning how to play the congas. 

He defiantly loved the airplane. 

seriously looks like he is ready for take off

concentrating so hard

our cute little family

I'm so excited we found this local park. 
Now I am off to get some sleep because we are driving to Williamsburg tomorrow for vacation!

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  1. LOVE the mustaches! they always make anytime more fun :)


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