Wednesday, November 2, 2011

falling in love with....

I've been falling in love with fall all over again, and I owe it to my son Judah. This is my all time favorite season, and now I am experiencing it in a whole different way.

Today we were planning on going to Jammin Java to check out this children's band called Rocknoceros. With no traffic on the road we ended up arriving 30 mins early, so  I decided to stop by my favorite starbucks down the street to visit  some of my friends who I haven't seen in years. Sure enough we bumped into Mo! I haven't seen him since my wedding and he heard I had a baby boy.

I've known Mo and his cousin Sudi for over 8 years now. Im so happy I was able to bump into him because I was able to invite his family to Judahs 1st birthday thats coming up. 

He gave us treats to take with us to Jammin Java.

Judah loved the show, but since we ended up arriving about 10 mins late we had back seats and he wasn't able to crawl around. Then he had a bad diaper and I forgot his diapers in the car. So after holding out on changing him as long as possible we left because they wanted to charge me to go back in. We will check this out another time, maybe get Scott to come with us since Judah was trying to dance all around and was screaming at the kids and the singers on stage. 

It was gorgeous out! I decided to stopped by Van Dyke Park on the way home. Judah loves the swings, so much so that he cries when I try to take him out of the swing. Their were beautiful trees all around us and Judah kept looking up at the leaves falling all around and smiling or laughing out loud when one would get really close to him.

He wanted to crawl around some, so instead of letting him get all muddy in the grass I took him to the basketball court. He ended up licking it...pretty gross...I should have just let him crawl in the mud.

He wasn't sure what to do on the firetruck. 

He loved sitting by the trees amongst all the colorful leaves. It was so neat to take it all in with his eyes.

He found a stick in the leaves! Then lifted it up to show me!

We decided to sit on the bench for a bit while he inspected a leaf from the ground.
Autumn is the eyes of my son.

When Scott came home we went on a "family run" all around George Mason. They have great sidewalks for running, they are super wide and maintained very well. I normally take a pack of mum mums for Judah on my runs, he likes to hold it in his hand, take bites and scream at the passerby's, but today I ran out! So we stopped by the Starbucks on Campus to get him a snack.

We ran 4 miles! 
I love running with my family.
I love that we live in such a gorgeous place.
I love that I am able to fall in love with fall all over again through the eyes of my child. 

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