Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY Mustache Christmas Ornament

The other day you might recall I made a trip to my favorite local thrift store and picked up a black sheet to use the fabric for some mini mustache pillows for Judah's birthday. I am determined to make or thrift most of his birthday decor. All week I've been going back and forth as to what I wanted to do with the mini mustaches, then yesterday as we were picking up our Christmas tree at Target I realized I should make mini mustache Christmas ornaments. The tree will be up during Judah's birthday, and I don't have that many ornaments, so why not decorate it with some fun mini mustaches that people can take home with them. After all he is my little mustache and Christmas time baby. 

I washed the sheet in our 2.5 hour sanitizer cycle. Once washed I cut out tinier/workable patches of the sheet, then I folded it in half so when I cut the mustache out it would be double sided. 

I used a candy mustache box as a template and traced it with a white fabric pencil onto the sheet. 

Once cut, I found my assortment of floss threads. Its thicker than regular sewing thread and the colors were pretty and festive. I used a doll making sewing needle, it can hold the thicker thread and push through fabric easier.

Started stitching around the edge, once I hit the middle of the mustache I took another needle/thread and  threaded a loop through the top and tied it so the knot hides inside the mustache when I stitch it up.

I used the extra pieces of fabric to stuff the little mustache. It works great because its black and it makes the mustache look even darker, also I'm not wasting a bunch of little pieces of cut out fabric. 

And there you have it, mini mustache Christmas Tree Ornaments. 

I'll post pictures of them adorning our Christmas tree once its up. My husband wants to wait a few more days, but I have a feeling it will go up before Thanksgiving.

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