Thursday, November 10, 2011

11 Months!

Judah turned 11 months today! Its hard to believe my little guy is going to be one in a month!!! I feel like every time Judah turns a month older this year we have been out on travel and today didn't change that. We are still on vacation in Williamsburg but decided to drive over to Yorktown today.

First we got Starbucks...Judah is a big fan of their water... he likes to pull his straw really fast out of the cup and splash water all over us. I love this little guy so much...

He kept watching this dog outside and started banging on the windows, so we brought him outside to visit. The dogs name is bear and Judah loved him, especially when bear would lick his face. I told Scott I have a funny feeling Judah is going to start asking for dogs for Christmas when he is a bit older. 

We drove to Yorktown. Its beautiful, I told Scott if we ever had a ton of money we should really look into living here. The homes are gorgeous and the town is really quaint, also it has a mini beach. It was getting cold and cloudy quick so I took a few pictures of Judah on the beach.

We tried to make an "11" in the sand for 11 months, Judah was really excited about this. Even managed to get an entire mouthful of sand! 

Of course the mustache picture.

We stopped to visit the small town and check out the statues. Judah was fascinated by them.

Just hanging out with George Washington!

At 11 months Judah is now eating everything but peanuts and shell fish. Recently he has been wanting to drink more formula than eat but that's because he has three teeth coming in, including one molar. He is into everything! Pretty quick crawler and is about to start walking. For our vacation I didn't bring his walker in hopes that he would start walking, he has been standing on his own allot more this week and carefully holding onto chairs and tables and walking around them. Judah now says "Dadeeee" "Nana" and "Babee". He loves animals, people and being outside.  He also still co-sleeps.

We are planning his "Mustache Bash" birthday party! Just got the card design today and I am so excited!

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  1. Just found your blog and am excited to be a new follower :-) We're expecting our first son any day now, so I love all the pics of your kiddo. Excited to read more!

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for the follow :-) how exciting! I remember this time last year I was expecting Judah and was just so excited to finally meet him to see what he looks like and to just hold my little boy :-)

  3. I just found your blog through "Sometimes Sweet", and I love the pictures of your son with the wigs and mustaches on. Does he choose to wear them, or do you just kind of put them on?

    I'm originally from Newport News, VA (about 20 minutes from Yorktown and Williamsburg), and let me tell you as someone from the area, Yorktown is nice, but never go in the water. There's a huge oil refinery over the water. Only tourists get in there.
    Also, don't live in Newport News.

    Williamsburg would probably be the best place to live out of those places, actually.


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