Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Goals

Judah is not tired yet so I wanted to write a quick post.

This weekend as the whole "Judkins Family" was sick I was musing over allot of things. First off is that Judah will be 10 months tomorrow!! I can't believe how fast this past month has flown by. Then I started obsessing over how I need to have my pre-pregnancy weight back, heck I want my pre-marriage weight back (engagement was a really stressful time for me and I ended up having a surprise Honey Moon Baby). I've also been feeling kinda "blah" and I know its because of me not being super consistent with my work out and my diet. So to encourage myself this week and to hold myself accountable I wanted to make a weekly goal post. I even signed up for a free 7 day trail with Weight Watchers, just to see if I like it and want to invest in a membership.

Work Out at least 4-5 times a week

This can be just walk/running 2+ miles with Judah during the day or going to the gym when Scott comes home. I want to make sure I am consistent with my workouts, I've noticed that if I let three or more days go by with out a workout, then I get into a funk. Also I have to constantly remind myself that even if I do decide to walk the two miles instead of running, that its okay, at least I am getting out of the house and being active with my son. Before I was pregnant I was a gym rat, and I even ran my first few months while I was pregnant and went to the gym on a pretty regular basis using the elliptical and light weights. But after having him, its harder to be consistent with working out.

Source: None via Robin on Pinterest

Have a better eating plan and drink more water

I have been downing coffee like its my job over the past few weeks. Its because I'm exhausted and have been with out a "real" break from my son in months. Also he has been teething pretty badly and recently has been battling a cold. So needless to say I am one exhausted mama. Plus I am a night person and I tend to stay up past midnight every night and Judah has been getting up earlier and earlier. Each morning I make sure I have a cup of coffee in my hand while Judah runs all over the house in his walker with fistful of puffs. I've noticed that my one a day coffee will sometimes turn into two coffees or more with two or more diet cokes. With all this coffee I've been forgetting about my water. Also I shared with my husband one of the most frustrating things for me as a wife is not knowing what to cook for dinner. My husband had a different diet when we first were married where he couldn't eat anything. Now its a billion times better and he can eat most things, but I need input. So I suggested that this week I make it a week of Salads and he loved the idea. I got onto Pintrest and found a bunch of yummy salad options.
This is great for both of us because Salads are easier to digest, easy to make AND my husbands blood sugar won't sky rocket while we are sleeping.

Also I am just reminded by one of my mama friends....I need to be consistent with eating breakfast, normally I skip it and just drink coffee. But I need to be able to have at least oatmeal. Maybe fill my coffee mug with oatmeal and run after Judah with that!

These are my two tiny weekly goals, well actually they are big goals for me. I'll post recipes and pictures of the salads for the week!


  1. I've been so lazy about dieting as well. I haven't lost a lb in nearly two months. :/ School starting back up isn't making it any better!

  2. Love this idea!!! (the salad)! I need to drink more water too. Being a mom
    Is so tired, its hard not to have coffee! Were on this weight loss journey together! I still have ten lbs. We can encourage each other!

  3. Natalie! Yes we will do this together :-)
    no diet coke! ha ha or maybe once a week....BUT on WW its no points ;-) so it can't be that bad


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