Saturday, October 1, 2011


Yesterday Judah was a tired whining mess. Today I noticed that he has two more teeth coming in. All he wanted to yesterday was to be held and to eat baby MumMums. I guess they feel good on his gums.

My husband Scott found that if he puts Judahs monkey hat on his head, he stops whining. He was a totally different baby once he had the monkey hat on. When he was first born I had this teddy bear cap and he would cry when I would take it off. He also loves his wig. Maybe he is just a wig/hat boy.

You can only read Curious George if you are dressed like a monkey. You can't be a matching monkey either.

Today we woke up to 60 degree weather. I opened some of the windows and Judah just crawled over, stood up and started talking outside. 

and a few mins later I caught him hanging out onto of his stroller. Judah wanted to go outside to enjoy this wonderful fall weather that just rolled in.

Since it was raining outside we went to Starbucks to see what we can do. We wanted to really check out a pumpkin patch or go to an outdoor fair or Farmers Market. But it was raining pretty bad.
Judah and I were able to do some people watching while Daddy got our drinks.
Saw a gymboree across the street and decided to walk on over to check it out. We were able to join the last 15 mins of the group for Judahs age. He loved it. I think at first he was a little overwhelmed. It was like Baby Einstein in 3D for him
But after awhile he started crawling over to the babies his age and smiling.
Im going to another daytime Gymboree class next week to see if this is something Judah and I are going attend weekly.

The night ended with me making my step mothers famous meatloaf. Turned out really really good and Judah loved it.
Baking some pumpkin bread.
And dressing up in Rocket PJs and playing with robots.

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  1. Your son is adorable.. he looks like such a little lovebug


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