Monday, October 3, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

All week long I have been talking about getting a big pumpkin to put Judah in. He is growing fast so I was kinda discouraged thinking he probably won't fit in one. But Sunday night my husband came home with a huge pumpkin. He carved it out (first time carving out one) and he cut out two holes for his feet and Judah fit in perfectly. These are preliminary pictures. Im planning on a outdoor/pumpkin/fall photoshoot on one of our sunny days this week.

Judah loved the pumpkin

he actually took a pretty big bite out of the pumpkin (teething) so I had to fish a chunk out of his mouth

Waiting to get inside the pumpkin

I think it feels squishy to him.

My happy pumpkin baby

Cant forget the "Judahwig"

Judah loves being a pumpkin

The final picture with Judahs cute booty is from today. Its the first time he managed to stand hands free....he just wanted to be a bit naked to do it. Sneaky boy...


  1. awww!!! these pictures are so funny and TOOOO cute!!

  2. Oh my gosh...I'm forwarding this to my friend who has a 4 month old. This is so cute! Now I want to put every baby I see in a pumpkin!!!

  3. Rebekka tell your friend that she can get the pumpkin hat in the dollar section at Target :-) a 4 month old is a perfect size to put in a pumpkin. You can even search on for ideas :-)


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