Sunday, October 9, 2011

My baby loves Pho

Judah and I are officially sick, and after a morning of holding a snotty sick baby we decided to go out to get some Pho for lunch.

We went to our favorite place in Fairfax. Pho Today. We have been going here since we started dating. We went a handful times while we were pregnant but unfortunately pho made me really sick. Also it was a bad idea to eat semi raw meat in a bowl of boiling broth.   

Judah eating his Mum Mums and patiently waiting for the Pho.

So good.

He loved the noodles and kept wanting more.

We had him eat some of Scotts broth that we cooled down. Scott doesn't like his spicy like I make mine. Judah was a pretty big fan of the Pho. Kept wanting more.

We stopped by Buke Lake Park, it was packed so we only walked around the train station area for about 20 mins. Judah had a great time in his car, thumb in the air and making dinosaur sounds at all the kids. I think he really wants to get up and play with them.

Stopped by Wal-Mart (big mistake) to look for boogie wipes and saline mist for Judahs nose. They didn't have it. Even though Judah was streaming nose snot we still had a bunch of people come up to him and talk to him/try to touch his feet/hands. Left Wal-mart and found everything at Target....not to self...avoid Wal-mart at all costs. 

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