Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keeping Active

Two weeks ago I decided to go ahead and join weight watchers. I've been following a bunch of mama bloggers that have joined the program and they all have seen great results. Since I have joined I have lost 6 pounds! That may not seem like allot to you, but its allot to me! I "think" I might be able to get down to my pre pregnancy weight again soon.  I love the simplicity of the program, I am able to keep track of my meals on my phone or online, also weight watchers probably has the nicest customer service ever.  Since its my second week in the program I am still trying to figure out the right meals for me during the day. If I know I am going to meet someone for lunch I always look ahead to make sure what I can have, I now look for points for groceries online and do meal planning for the week ahead of time so I make sure that my bad day crash meal decisions are kept to a minimum.  Another thing I love about the program is that I am able to keep track of my activity points.  This  encourages me to take Judah out more often for runs. Yesterday as a family we did a 5.5 mile walk/run with Scott. I wanted to show my husband a new path near our home. Then today Judah and I ran 3.5 miles, then hung out at the park near our house and actually ran up the street another .5 miles to meet up with Scott when he came back home from work.

I love our little park. We found a left over ball and I let Judah chase it around.

He is so excited to actually "fit" into the kids swing.

He loves it outside

Today was the perfect fall day for a run. 

I love how our family is being active together, and how now even Judah looks forward to our walk/runs. Hopefully one day he will be running alongside his mommy and daddy.

I would love to hear how your families are keeping active!

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  1. way to be active! I really have to start too haha, so thanks for the reminder :)
    Good luck on the Top Baby Blogs thing!

  2. Oh my goodness you can totally do it! :-)
    Do you have WW? They are amazing, also if you have an iPhone download instagram, its a free application a photo community and look up the hashtag #igwwclub, its a whole bunch of us doing this WW thing together and we post pics to encourage one another :-)


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