Thursday, October 6, 2011

Judah is just like his mama, not a morning person. I try and try to become one, but its just not working for me, unless we move to the West Coast.

Today we got up early to go to Heidis house and hang out with D for a bit. When I wake Judah up he sits up and does this goofy smile and can't seem to get his eyes open yet.

Not sure why he was fascinated with their back yard. I think Judah just loves to be outside and these windows were on his eye level.
Just just playing with toys waiting for D to wake up. I had no idea how much my son loves balls! He kept laughing and throwing them or pushing them around the room and would chase after them. It was so cute.
D grabbing Judahs feet at starbucks. I love Judahs face.
When we got home Judah already woke up early and skipped two naps, he was exhausted. So I put him down for a nap and he didn't make a peep. But one of our next door neighbors was doing some major construction next door and after about 20 mins Judah woke up screaming because of all the hammering. The only thing that would calm him is his Dinosaur hat, a Mum Mum, a blankie and some books in his ducky.

Tonight we took some pictures honoring Steve Jobs (iSad)

We had to do a quick run to the grocery store. Yes his outfit is totally mismatched but he actually matches. 

Tomorrow we sleep in, possibly go for a run, and the park. So excited we have all this wonderful fall weather, we have to make the most of it!

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