Monday, October 17, 2011

I did it!

I've lasted more than 48 hours as a single mama. My husband is on business so instead of traveling with him we decided to save the airline points for a future trip so we can enjoy some time together instead of Judah and I being stuck in a hotel. Plus all last week Judah was sick. There was no way I was taking him on an airplane and risking an ear infection.

Judah actually has been a little sweet pea, wanting extra cuddles, always trying to lightly tug my hair to get my attention as he smiles, talking, singing while we run and laughing while we dance.

So far he has taken his first bath in the "big tub" with out his ducky. I figured its time to transition him to the tub because he keeps trying to crawl out of the kitchen sink. He thinks its so much fun, he likes to get on all fours and crawl in the water. I have to watch his every move because he is getting really sneaky.

He has been wanting to sleep in and snuggle. He wakes up, plays with my hair and smiles then I turn on the "children's folk station" on Pandora and sing to him while I open up the windows and let the sunlight in. I love these moments.

Tried grapefruit after one of our runs. He hates it. I wish I recorded him actually trying to spit all the spit he had in his mouth out because he hated the sour taste that much. I did managed to get one picture of his puckered up face with grapefruit on his chin and hands that he spit out.

Did I mention he loves to take baths in the "big tub"

He has eaten his first plate of rice/smashed up garbanzo beans and chicken. He does like rice, he just has to get better at picking it up and actually putting it into his mouth. He ended up with food all over his pants/floor/high chair and when I changed his diaper before his bath he had rice and garbanzo beans in the front area of his diaper. How he did that, is a mystery to me.

and the best part...nighttime snuggles

Judah does miss Scott allot. He will look at the front door all sad, and when he hears Scott on the phone he gets really excited but then looks around for him. The saddest part is at night, he needs to sleep on Scotts pillow and he keeps looking around the room to see if he will show up. Our little guy sure does love his daddy. I know when he gets back its going to be a sweet reunion.

I will post tomorrow an update on last week goals.

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