Saturday, October 1, 2011


This has been my friend 80% of last week

So Judah and I have been keeping a low profile. My husband even got to work from home for a few days. Which we loved.
Who knew guys can multitask

 We went to the park in our backyard.....this is Scott pushing Judah on the swing. I love Judahs facial expressions.

Went to the play area in the mall. Judah loves it. I think he loves being around the kids. He gets down on all fours and starts crawling really fast towards them while screaming his dinosaur scream.

Went for walk/runs around our neighborhood 

and played with Robots. Robots are Judahs new favorite toys. Thank goodness because he is going to be  Chewbacca for Halloween this year and R2D2 will be joining him in his Millennium Falcon I am making out of cardboard. 

Yesterday I took him to Trader Joes for the first time. I used to go almost every week for groceries when I was pregnant with him. But now that my husband can eat anything I haven't gone in awhile. 

Strolled him over to the pumpkin patch in the parking lot. 

He loved looking at all the colors. But the pumpkins with the scary faces painting on them scared him. 

Off to another pumpkin patch before the rain gets to bad! Will post pictures later.

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