Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY - Judah's Starwars "Chewbacca" Halloween Costume

A few months ago I decided I wanted Judah to be Chewbacca (aka a wookie) for halloween. The children costumes I found online looked kinda lame so I figured I would make one myself.

What you will need is:
White Onsie
Fabric Markers
Brown Sweat Pants
Teddy Bear with fur that looks like chewbacca
Embrodery thread and needle

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a plain white onsie, they sell them individually and it was around $2.50. Then I googled images of "Wookie" & "Chewbacca". Then tried my best to draw a good/non scary chewbacca. Obviously I wasn't very good during my first several attempts.

 Since I was trying to draw chewbacca out on the onsie I needed to it with a marker than paint. Also when you are drawing on the fabric, make sure you hold the fabric tight. Or everything will smudge. 

Draw an outline sketch of Chewie

Then went over with a brown marker, added blue for the eyes and red for the mouth. I also wrote on the onesie "I speak wookie". 

I tried for about a week to look for "fur" fabric, but all the employees at the craft stores I went to didn't know what I was talking about. So one day while I was thrifting I saw a display of stuffed teddy bears for 20 cents. The fur looked just like chewbacca so I grabbed one. Got the brown sweat pants from Target, they always have plain sweat pants/shirts on sale.  

I cut the Teddy Bear up. He had a good life, now it was time to move on and be some kick awesome chewbacca pants for my son. If you are planning on doing this, make sure you are careful of these little mesh packets of white beads that are sewn into the stuffed animal. I think its to help them not grow moldy, but if your not careful cutting the bear then you can accidentally cut into a packet and get tiny beads all over your floor. 

After I cut up the bear I pieced the fur together on the sweatpants. Their is no real art to this. You just piece it together and sew it up. I used embroidery thread because the fur is really thick. 

A few months ago I bought some Chewbacca boots off of this lady on Etsy. I would highly recommend her,  Judah will actually be able to wear them throughout winter.

Thumbs up for walking the wookie.

It may not be the perfect "chewbacca" costume, but I think it looks allot better than the expensive children's one they were selling on amazon.

I'll post more "halloween" picture of him this week. We might even have Judah wear his onsie when we go to DC tomorrow for my birthday.

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  1. Adorable costume! I'm making my son's diego costume!

  2. Haha, that's cute!! Good job. I love being able to do stuff for cheap :D He's a cutie, btw!!

  3. this is wonderful!!!! i love costumes that are easy for tots to wear that arent like a full on zip up hot as heck body suit

  4. OMG so stinking cute, well done momma!

  5. A few months ago I decided I wanted Judah to be Chewbacca (aka a wookie) for halloween. The children costumes I found online looked kinda ...


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