Saturday, October 22, 2011

Daddy is home!

Scott was coming home on Thursday and after being a single mama for 5 days straight I needed something to distract Judah. So I took him to our favorite thrift store and ended up getting one of those leap frog play toys that I have been searching for months for. They have had them in the past but they are always super dirty and or beaten up. This one was brand new and only $1! Judah cried in the car on the way home because he wanted to play with it so bad.

Thank goodness we found this toy because he played with this all afternoon, took a nap and then I got a text from Scott saying his flight landed 30 mins early! We rushed out of the house, Judah was confused because I kept trying to hype him up by screaming "Daddy is home!!!" and he would get excited and look around for Scott and then look sad because he didn't see him.

He missed his daddy so much and was so excited to see him, at first Judah didn't talk, he just stared and smiled. But once we got to Willard's Judah was talking to everyone. But he would cry when ever Scott or myself would leave the table to get something. We figured Judah would be extra attached to us this weekend.

Judah is in love with the cashier at Willard's he kept staring at her and smiling and when ever she would look and smile back at him he would lift his hand up to her. I think this is his way of saying "hey baby". 

and we ended the night trying on mustaches in the mirror. I'm so happy we are all back together again.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know, I mentioned you over at my blog :)


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