Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burke Lake Park

Friday was gorgeous! I waited most of the morning for Judah to get up from his morning nap so we can visit Burke Lake Park.

The Carousal Ride and Train were closed because it was a week day. Judah didn't notice, he just wanted to eat the leaves.

Judah and I sat by the lake for a bit and just looked at all the beautiful fall colors. He was watching me swing my legs on the bench and laughed when I showed him how to throw rocks or acorns in the water.
We decided to follow the "fitness" trail at Burke Lake, when we walked back I noticed someone spray painted a heart on a tree. I had to stop to get a picture of Judah next to it.

Judah almost getting to big for his pack and play. He only naps in it during the day, at night he still co-sleeps with us.

Judah loves loves loves his dinosaur hat that his auntie Rhonda and uncle Mark sent him. Seriously he looks at it and makes noises till we put it on his head. We decided to have a "mini" date night with Judah at Wegmans. They have great subs.

Last night Judah kept walking up to this corner wall in our living room and would pull himself up and then take away both hands so he would stand for a few mins. He kept doing this over and over again and laughing at himself.  I love these Monkey PJs I thrifted for Judah months ago so much that I cut the feet out so he can wear them for a few more months

Sleeping at last, always in the middle, always one hand on mommy and one hand on daddy. My son is a little sweetheart.

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