Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and the weekend

Oh the plans we had for the quickly things change once you have a baby. See this cute little boy with this sweet smile below in his wookie outfit....well he was supposed to stay this sweet until after my haircut so we could go to Truck or Treat at Grace Bible Church in Lorton. He was great at the haircut place, talking to everyone and waving at them and pointing to things.

Since it was my first haircut by someone other than Thomas in ten years. I had my guys come for moral support. Just in case I would cry. Thank goodness they came because I didn't cry, although I wanted to really really bad.

We never made it to trunk or treat, while I was struggling to not cry over  losing more than 5 inches of my hair, Judah was crying quite a bit and took an extra long nap. I'm not sure if its growing pains, teething or he just really wanted some sleep and wanted the world to know his pain.

I'm still getting used to the haircut and Judah was in a semi good mood this morning, so good he even peed on me! This rarely happens. 

We ran errands, picked up things from Target, stopped by the post office to mail some orders and encouragement gifts. Then after an afternoon nap (Judah's not mine) we went for a 5 mile run/walk.

Scott met up with us at the tail end of our run. We found a mini children's park at the local high school! They have a huge dinosaur like the ones at Myrtle Beach.

Afterwards we went home to have egg white omelets for dinner and got ready for tonight's Halloween activities. I asked Scott if he would wear his Chick Fil A cow costume tonight. He was a great sport about it. We decided to visit a local church down the street, they were having a "Harvest Night". 

We bumped into our neighbors on the way out. They had a little girl named Mady who was born just a few days before Judah. They were cute together, Judah kept trying to hold her hand.

We left for the church down the street and when we pulled in Scott asked me "Jess did you double check online to see if anyone will be dressed up." I said "why wouldn't they be, its a harvest night on halloween" and he said "growing up no one dressed up at their fall harvests at the church." I laughed because I was in normal clothing and didn't care if Scott and Judah were the only ones dressed up. But when we entered the building their were pirates, ninja turtles, princesses and tons of kids in Starwars customs. We didn't have Judah wear his chewbacca outfit tonight because he slimed it with Puffs on Sunday. 

Judah won at Mario Go Cart, with help from his daddy.

He was so cute holding on really tight to his green balloon. 

Starting to get a little tired. Judah even won a cold stone gift card prize for cutest animal costume. 

When we came home we sat on the front porch and passed out candy for a few hours. Judah had a blast yelling dada dada at everyone and showing them how he can wave.

I think next year we are all going to dress up as a family. Oh and Judah didn't eat any candy, he was just chewing it with the wrapper on.

Happy Halloween! What did your kids dress up as?

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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I honestly don't like my birthday, but my husband has been trying his hardest for the past month to make today such a special day and he did. I actually liked my birthday today. 

He made me this video....and if you are wondering what the music is...its my husbands song/band.

I've always wanted to have a family with some traditions, especially when we start to have children. So one of our traditions is donuts on birthday morning! After sleeping in because we stayed up till after midnight to celebrate with a birthday cupcake

We took Judah to Duncan Donuts. He loved the Halloween decorations hanging from the ceiling.

had his first bite of a donut

after birthday donuts we went home for Judahs nap...we waited patiently for him to wake up so we could head to DC to check out the food trucks

My best friend Heidi dropped off cupcakes, balloons and a card

my step mom who I consider my mom sent over some edibles fruit covered in dark chocolate. 

slightly crashing from all our sugar intake I decided to skip the food trucks in DC, get a healthy lunch at home and we went to check out some thrift stores. 

Excited to be at Unique

Judah was so good

tried on some wigs at the clock tower thrift store.

and of course tried on some hats

stopped by goodwill

I had the best birthday with my amazing guys. Family, food, fun and thrifting. What more could I ask for.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY - Judah's Starwars "Chewbacca" Halloween Costume

A few months ago I decided I wanted Judah to be Chewbacca (aka a wookie) for halloween. The children costumes I found online looked kinda lame so I figured I would make one myself.

What you will need is:
White Onsie
Fabric Markers
Brown Sweat Pants
Teddy Bear with fur that looks like chewbacca
Embrodery thread and needle

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a plain white onsie, they sell them individually and it was around $2.50. Then I googled images of "Wookie" & "Chewbacca". Then tried my best to draw a good/non scary chewbacca. Obviously I wasn't very good during my first several attempts.

 Since I was trying to draw chewbacca out on the onsie I needed to it with a marker than paint. Also when you are drawing on the fabric, make sure you hold the fabric tight. Or everything will smudge. 

Draw an outline sketch of Chewie

Then went over with a brown marker, added blue for the eyes and red for the mouth. I also wrote on the onesie "I speak wookie". 

I tried for about a week to look for "fur" fabric, but all the employees at the craft stores I went to didn't know what I was talking about. So one day while I was thrifting I saw a display of stuffed teddy bears for 20 cents. The fur looked just like chewbacca so I grabbed one. Got the brown sweat pants from Target, they always have plain sweat pants/shirts on sale.  

I cut the Teddy Bear up. He had a good life, now it was time to move on and be some kick awesome chewbacca pants for my son. If you are planning on doing this, make sure you are careful of these little mesh packets of white beads that are sewn into the stuffed animal. I think its to help them not grow moldy, but if your not careful cutting the bear then you can accidentally cut into a packet and get tiny beads all over your floor. 

After I cut up the bear I pieced the fur together on the sweatpants. Their is no real art to this. You just piece it together and sew it up. I used embroidery thread because the fur is really thick. 

A few months ago I bought some Chewbacca boots off of this lady on Etsy. I would highly recommend her,  Judah will actually be able to wear them throughout winter.

Thumbs up for walking the wookie.

It may not be the perfect "chewbacca" costume, but I think it looks allot better than the expensive children's one they were selling on amazon.

I'll post more "halloween" picture of him this week. We might even have Judah wear his onsie when we go to DC tomorrow for my birthday.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keeping Active

Two weeks ago I decided to go ahead and join weight watchers. I've been following a bunch of mama bloggers that have joined the program and they all have seen great results. Since I have joined I have lost 6 pounds! That may not seem like allot to you, but its allot to me! I "think" I might be able to get down to my pre pregnancy weight again soon.  I love the simplicity of the program, I am able to keep track of my meals on my phone or online, also weight watchers probably has the nicest customer service ever.  Since its my second week in the program I am still trying to figure out the right meals for me during the day. If I know I am going to meet someone for lunch I always look ahead to make sure what I can have, I now look for points for groceries online and do meal planning for the week ahead of time so I make sure that my bad day crash meal decisions are kept to a minimum.  Another thing I love about the program is that I am able to keep track of my activity points.  This  encourages me to take Judah out more often for runs. Yesterday as a family we did a 5.5 mile walk/run with Scott. I wanted to show my husband a new path near our home. Then today Judah and I ran 3.5 miles, then hung out at the park near our house and actually ran up the street another .5 miles to meet up with Scott when he came back home from work.

I love our little park. We found a left over ball and I let Judah chase it around.

He is so excited to actually "fit" into the kids swing.

He loves it outside

Today was the perfect fall day for a run. 

I love how our family is being active together, and how now even Judah looks forward to our walk/runs. Hopefully one day he will be running alongside his mommy and daddy.

I would love to hear how your families are keeping active!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Encouragement & Happy Fall

When Scott left for Texas last week he left me a bunch of notes around the house. He knew how much I love encouraging notes and tiny gifts. He figured this out when we first met because I've been doing the same thing for friends for years. I would pray about which friend I think needs encouragement and then just shower them with cards and tiny gifts. They gifts are as simple as a tea bag, coffee or something I think would make them smile, like a pair of funny socks. This weekend I decided I was going to try to encourage two very dear mama blogger friends of mine and start doing this on a monthly basis with different people who are placed on my heart.

The two ladies who were on my heart for awhile are Lauren  and Amy. I can't even begin to tell you how many times these sweet mamas have encouraged me with their words and actions. So I wanted to do the same and lift both of their hearts up with some notes of encouragement. I made them each a package of five encouragement cards and tiny gifts, then mailed them out this morning.

My hope has always been, that each person I encourage, is inspired to go out and encourage someone else. You never know who needs the encouragement and hey you never knew when its going to come back around. If your reading this blog and decide to encourage someone this week please leave your link and I would love to read how you have encouraged someone else. Pay it forward with encouragement, make someones heart happy.

I will leave you with some fallish pictures of Judah from the past few days.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shenandoah National Park

Since Scott was on business out of town for the past week he took Friday off so we could all spend the day in one of my favorite places, the Shenandoah National Park. Its only about a 45 min drive away. The weather was perfect fall weather and not that many people were at the park since it was a Friday.

Judah looked extra handsome in his sweater vest and hat, so I wanted to take a quick picture of him with his mustache before we left for the day. 

We stopped by Arbys for lunch, they actually have really great salads that don't have that many WW points. Judah tried stealing some of Scotts fries.

I love his eyes in his picture. He is drinking water.

giving thumbs up to the mountains

don't worry, there was flat ground right behind this wall and Scott was inches away from Judah

family picture!
Judah looked so cute and tiny walking with Scott up the path

having fun with leaves...and trying to sneak in little bites

love my sweet son

his hand on my heart

my guys

our pass is still good for 7 more days and we are tempted to head back tomorrow if the traffic isn't to crazy in this area. 

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