Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend fun

Saturday after the wedding we were able to hang out with Scotts parents. Judah does this funny spit thing with his mouth. Its not to funny when I try to feed him, well it is but I end up smelling like thanksgiving dinner and having to change my shirt several times through out the day.

The Tuba man came by, normally kids are afraid of him. Judah thought he was great.

and Judah was so exhausted from all the fun he had he fell asleep in his superman shirt

even caught him smiling in his sleep, I think he had a great night.

Sunday we took Judah to a model search (for baby/kids) as soon as I walked in I was immediately sketched out. The flyer said that Nickelodeon, Disney, Target amongst other places were going to be there. The only people there was a young guy who looked like he hasn't showered in weeks signing people in, and a 50 year old balding man with a horrible comb over. He was showing us a DVD on some of the previous kids he has gotten contracts for. I felt sick to my stomach so after 2 mins Scott and I walked out with Judah. We just showed up for fun. But the place did not feel safe for our son.

We took Judah to the play area in Fairoaks mall. He loved crawling around on everything.

As I mentioned on IG and on Facebook, Judah has been spitting out his food while I feed him. Its super frustrating, sometimes funny, but mainly just annoying. I don't think he understands "no" and I am not going to hit him because I don't want Judah to associate my hand with something that can hurt him. So I just say "no" in a stern voice and keep a towel around. Well Sunday night, I just let him have his container of prunes. He is only young once and he ended up getting the food mainly on himself instead of spitting it on me. Win-win situation.

even bigger win, Judah got a bath afterwards, he loves his bath times.

My boy is silly, feisty, lovable and on the move!

and just like wigs...he doesn't mind boxes on his head son makes me laugh

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