Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week Update

This week has flown by!

This week we have, gone thrifting, found some great deals and cute dresses for some mama friends, also found this cute table for Judah to help him walk. Judah is almost walking. Met with a high school friend Lisa who gave us her doggie/baby gates for Judah also I am going to do a product review for her this week on her Scentsy items. I am very excited to do this review, I tried it out last week and am already in love with the scents. Went to Frying Pan park to check out the animals with Heidi and D and completed a bunch of custom crochet orders and updated the shop

Judah is all over the place, even trying to follow me outside to watch me mow the lawn

I know I'll miss the way he sleeps in his car seat, this is en route to a thrift store. He is such a good boy on our errands.

My husband ordered me roses from 1800 flowers last week, the messed up the order and sent me another persons order! From a guy named "Jeff". So they sent us double the order this week! Our house is full of roses!

Judah wanting to try out the ginger ale from Carribou at Fairfax Government center.

Trying to crawl up the stairs. He pushes the pillow to the stairs to give him a boost.

Im going to have my hands full

Going to the door to see what I am doing.

Who knew that Barns and Nobles was a great place to let your baby test out his gymnastic skills. 

Judah catching up on the modern fashion

He LOVED meeting Lisa at Starbucks. 

Frying Pan Park was allot of fun. 

Best Buds

Finished up some custom orders

Judah now thinks he can crawl out of the kitchen sink.

Always always lights up when he gets to play the guitar. 

How did you get in there?

This week I'll update the blog more often. Check back for our Labor Day adventures and the Scentsy product review.

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