Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

This weekend was great, we had some much needed down time and I was able to finish some custom shop orders.

Judah learned how to crawl up the stairs, with Scott standing next to him

I thought he was so cute with his little John Deer onsie. We had him in some overalls earlier in the day and a straw hat, when we took him with us while we were running errands we put the straw hat on him and had him carry his little moo cow.

Monday we met up with some friends at Lake Accotink Park in Burke. I had no idea this park was right down the street from us. Its beautiful! Judah was able to finally meet Duncan. Duncans mom Jules and I have been friends for years and were in the same small group 10 years ago. Judah and Duncan are around two weeks apart.

Im loving the way Judah naps with his booty sticking out in the air. He had a quick nap before we headed to the lake.

Stopped by Caribou coffee, we will definitely visit this store again, it has a kid toy area!  We wrote Judahs name on the wall because it was  a wall of "What keeps you awake". 

Jules picked the perfect place for the BBQ, it overlooked the lake.

Judah had so much fun he passed out. 

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