Friday, September 16, 2011

Burke Lake and Hats

Judah had his first "real food" the other night. I saw a bunch of my IG mama friends were feeding their babies spaghetti, since Judah was the same age I decided it was time for Judah to have some spaghetti as well. I just used the plain Wegmans brand spaghetti sauce, no meat and I didn't put in any extra seasoning. Boiled a pot of angel hair and mixed and cut some into tiny pieces for him.

and he loves it! Just like his Italian mama. Since he did get the spaghetti everywhere, in his ears, hair, floor ect, we just picked him up stripped him and gave him a kitchen bath. I think our kitchen sink baths may be coming to an end very soon because Judah has been trying to escape them.

This week its gotten cooler, and it actually feels like fall. So I've been busy making hats to add to my shop. Judah is my little hat model. Thank goodness the yarn is stretchy because he can model the 3-6 month, 6-12 and toddler hats.

The hats will be added to the shop over the next few days, I'll post an update here and on the Facebook page for "My Charming Colors" when they are up. The toddler moccasins are practically sold out, I'll be adding more of these as well and the Mary Janes.

Yesterday after mailing out some orders I wanted to take Judah to Burke Lake, I wanted to check out the trails with my Bob running stroller and see the playgrounds there. The weather was wonderful, Judah loved sitting in the bob while I checked out the place. The playgrounds will be great when he can walk and ride down slides on his own. But for now its a place where he can eat mulch/sticks and leaves.

He looks so tiny on the park bench, and so excited to play with leaves. 

Such a boy, we found a stick and he was so excited to hold and try to chew on it.

One day you'll be big enough to climb this wall.

when we got home from our Burke Lake adventure I let Judah eat from one of these pouches, he can squeeze and suck out the squash. I thought it would be a great idea because he wouldn't spit/blow raspberries w food at me and I won't be covered in it. What I didn't expect is for Judah to take his pouch and swing it around after every other bite. I had butternut squash on my living room walls. 

He was fighting sleep so bad last night. Teething stinks. 

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