Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bluemont Fair

In high school when my sister Rhonda and I moved to virginia to live with my mom and step father, they would always take us to all kinds of virginia fairs/hikes or to DC. They never wanted us to take this area for granted. I wanted to do the same for Judah. So this past weekend we drove an hour away and went to the Bluemont Fair. It was a really pretty drive and admission was only $5. They had several people playing live music, this amazing folksy bluegrass, great food, lots of neat vendors, antiques, kids running all over, quaint little town and live animals.

 The drive tooks us through all these beautifully winding roads. I think we are going to do a few more trips to this area to take pictures.

Judah just zoning and taking it all in.
I love this old house on the side of the road at the fair.

They had a little kid area that had some baby animals. Judah loved the baby goats. The goat kept trying to stick his head through the fence to touch Judah. That girl in the picture kept trying to push Judah aside so she can touch the goat. 

HAY! He loved the hay! After this picture we put him in the Bob to go get some food, we were wondering why he was so quiet....he still had a big piece of hay he was chewing on. My farmer son Judah. 

The food was pretty good. It was all the food I was craving during pregnancy but couldn't eat because Scott wasn't able to eat it. Scott was excited like a kid on Christmas day when we were standing in line because he could finally eat this stuff again. He didn't know what to choose, so we settled on the BBQ platter, corn dog, southern sweet tea and funnel cake. 

I let Judah have his first french fry. It wasn't greasy at all and it was one of those think steak frys. He loved it. Only ate one but had fun squishing it in his hands and sticking it in his mouth.

We walked and saw the Antique venders, I didn't get anything because I thought allot of the stuff was overpriced and I could find it cheaper at the thrift stores I go to. Although I was very very tempted to buy Judah a quilt. 

Trying to take a picture, Judah was to busy trying to take my sunglasses off my face. 

Judah was so excited to be outside and around people.

A Family Picture! We don't have many of these. One of my goals is to start taking these more often.

Hanging out and listening to a live band play some Johnny Cash. Confession....when I first started dating my husband I had him sing me Johnny Cash songs. He has a GREAT Johnny Cash voice.

I love this picture because Judah looks like a hill billy baby. Sucking his fingers, his jeans were dirty because we let him crawl all over the place and he managed to take his socks off.

Making sure daddy has no bugs in his hair.

Judah slept the entire car ride home. We loved going to this fall fair and are going to try to go to one each weekend during the fall. 


  1. the drive looks incredible! i would go just for that! and i love your button, your little guy is adorable.



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