Friday, September 9, 2011

adventures in the rain

This week we have gotten allot of rain. So Scotts father has spent allot of it here doing some projects around the house. He saw Judahs bath time rubber ducky and mentioned how funny it would be to take him outside in it. So I thought it was a great idea, especially since our front sidewalk was a mini river.

Judah really didn't float anywhere, I pulled the ducky along the sidewalk for a bit and made his nose quack. Judah was just laughing the entire time. 

He has been semi cranky this week. So I dressed him up in his dinosaur outfit his aunt brenna sent to him. He will only fit it for a few more weeks so I might as well get as much use out of it as I can.

I also brought out his dinosaur toys that I got him before he was born. Its only proper to play with Dinosaurs if you are dressed up like one. Tomorrow Judah turns 9 months so I may do his 9 month photoshoot dressed up as a dinosaur.

visited daddy at his job so he can show Judah off. Judah had lots to say to Scott when we saw him. Judah is starting to realize when Scott leaves for work he is gone for most of the day. So he now cries when he leaves or through out the day he crawls up to the door or stands near the window and hits it to see if Scott will come back.

Judah and his love/hate relationship with pickles. He cries when he sees us eating them and he cries when he eats them. The good thing is now he is loving bananas, he hated them before. But I guess they taste better than pickles to him.

Bath time fun

Today Judah wore his beatles shirt "Here comes the sun"

here he is at the door because grandpa left. 

LOVE the maya wrap I was able to get off of craigslist. 

Judah driving me crazy by blowing raspberries while he eats. I am always being sprayed down with pureed turkey and rice or squash. I smell like thanksgiving. I do need to stop laughing when he does this. 
went for a walk outside

Judah loves his toy guitar

such a handsome guy

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