Friday, September 30, 2011

My Charming Colors Graphic!

I'm excited to announce that "My Charming Colors" now has a beautiful graphic created by Amanda on Etsy. Last weekend I was searching on Etsy for a quick graphic for my site. I came across Amanda's Etsy shop and I fell in love with her designs. Then I noticed that she does custom shop packages for only $35! What a steal! I emailed her and after just a few short days this is what she came up with for my shop.

Included in her package are some designs for business cards and for custom orders as well. I'll be sure to use her again. She is super friendly, also a mom and she is wonderful to work with.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bath Time

Judah LOVES bathtime, I was going to clean our kitchen floor this week but now I don't have to. Judah cleaned it for us.

His new thing now (besides trying to get out of the sink) is pretending he is a dog and pawing at the water to make more bubbles.

Will post more later this week. I've been plagued by a migraine for the past two days.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Charming Colors Fall Preview Shop Update

The shop is updated! I now have some cute fall/winter hats for the charming girls or dapper boys.




The shop now has newsboys and flapper hats, mary janes and cute moccasins with crochet hearts. More items will be added in about four days.

Friday, September 23, 2011

9 Months Check up

I've been trying to get more pictures of Judah and I. Typically I take a bunch of Judah and Scott.

Judah has been making the funniest faces lately. I think he is just trying some out on us to see our reaction.

Went for a walk to the park earlier this week, Judah wore his chewbacca shoes and wanted to eat leaves.

Got this cute car/stroller from Goodwill. It was super cheap and Judah loves it. For Halloween I am going to get cardboard and decorate this like this Millennium Falcon and have him dressed up as chewbacca.

So I waited 5 days before I gave Judah a bath, we have just been super busy and when before you know it its time to put Judah in bed. Finally gave him a bath. Judah went a little crazy and started chewing on the facet. He didn't want to get out. Maybe he was afraid he wouldn't get a bath for awhile again. 

And then he didn't want to get dressed. 

Such a happy boy. I swear this boy has the sweetest heart and just the sweetest personality.

We went on a neighborhood walk and I put Judah down in some places for some photo ops. He loves trying to eat sticks.

 We are so blessed to have a mini playground literally in our backyard. Judah is really starting to like the swings more and more.

Judahs many faces of trying to get me to give him some of my coffee.

This week we had Judahs 9 months drs visit from hell. His regular dr is out on Maternity leave. She never told anyone she was pregnant till 2 weeks before she was due! So all the drs in the office were scrambling to take her patients while she is gone. Judah is 90% for height, I forgot the number for weight but he is lower than normal. The Dr gave me a hard time about feeding him more. Well if he is not hungry I am not going to force feed the boy. The good thing is that he is able to have table food! But she wasn't really clear on what I can give him. She just said no fish, nuts or eggs. I'll do the research myself. We declined on giving Judah the flu vaccination. I have a few blogger mama friends whose children have gotten really adverse reactions this year and I never had one until recently. So I don't see the need to give Judah one. Also if he gets sick, we are not going to wait till he has phenomena to take him to the Drs.  She told us Judah could die with out one, I told her we have made up our mind and I am not discussing it with her anymore. Sent us to the lab to get blood drawn from Judah. She didn't tell us why. The tech was the same tech that drew my blood when I had to get the MRI a few weeks back. I still have a scar on my arm. This guy was awful. Had Scott pin Judah down and then spent 5 mins fishing for a vein in my sons arm while he was screaming. Worst experience ever. We will never use this tech again. I am reading Dr Sears "The Vaccine Book" because going forward I don't want to give Judah vaccines that are not needed. The Dr was talking about a new round of vaccines they are now giving kids and I don't feel comfortable with what she was talking about.  

Afterwards we took Judah to starbucks for a treat. He loves their Peter Rabbit organic snacks. 

He helped us bag some groceries at Giant. And we went home and Judah has been extra snugly all week. I've been wanting the extra snuggles to. At night for the past month he has been sleeping closer to Scott. But since the Drs appt Judah has been wanting to snuggle up closer to me. I don't mind.

After we ran some errands yesterday Judah had a puff on his but from his car seat :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bluemont Fair

In high school when my sister Rhonda and I moved to virginia to live with my mom and step father, they would always take us to all kinds of virginia fairs/hikes or to DC. They never wanted us to take this area for granted. I wanted to do the same for Judah. So this past weekend we drove an hour away and went to the Bluemont Fair. It was a really pretty drive and admission was only $5. They had several people playing live music, this amazing folksy bluegrass, great food, lots of neat vendors, antiques, kids running all over, quaint little town and live animals.

 The drive tooks us through all these beautifully winding roads. I think we are going to do a few more trips to this area to take pictures.

Judah just zoning and taking it all in.
I love this old house on the side of the road at the fair.

They had a little kid area that had some baby animals. Judah loved the baby goats. The goat kept trying to stick his head through the fence to touch Judah. That girl in the picture kept trying to push Judah aside so she can touch the goat. 

HAY! He loved the hay! After this picture we put him in the Bob to go get some food, we were wondering why he was so quiet....he still had a big piece of hay he was chewing on. My farmer son Judah. 

The food was pretty good. It was all the food I was craving during pregnancy but couldn't eat because Scott wasn't able to eat it. Scott was excited like a kid on Christmas day when we were standing in line because he could finally eat this stuff again. He didn't know what to choose, so we settled on the BBQ platter, corn dog, southern sweet tea and funnel cake. 

I let Judah have his first french fry. It wasn't greasy at all and it was one of those think steak frys. He loved it. Only ate one but had fun squishing it in his hands and sticking it in his mouth.

We walked and saw the Antique venders, I didn't get anything because I thought allot of the stuff was overpriced and I could find it cheaper at the thrift stores I go to. Although I was very very tempted to buy Judah a quilt. 

Trying to take a picture, Judah was to busy trying to take my sunglasses off my face. 

Judah was so excited to be outside and around people.

A Family Picture! We don't have many of these. One of my goals is to start taking these more often.

Hanging out and listening to a live band play some Johnny Cash. Confession....when I first started dating my husband I had him sing me Johnny Cash songs. He has a GREAT Johnny Cash voice.

I love this picture because Judah looks like a hill billy baby. Sucking his fingers, his jeans were dirty because we let him crawl all over the place and he managed to take his socks off.

Making sure daddy has no bugs in his hair.

Judah slept the entire car ride home. We loved going to this fall fair and are going to try to go to one each weekend during the fall. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Videos from the weekend

Saturday Scott wanted to give me a break from Judah so he took him on some errands and a quick visit to Judahs grandparents. Judah was excited about a doggie that dances, he kept dancing and then would kiss/hug it. Made me miss my little guy when they were away.

Also Judah now screams at everything. Its not an angry or sad scream, its just his way of communicating and saying "Im here! Look at me!". 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Burke Lake and Hats

Judah had his first "real food" the other night. I saw a bunch of my IG mama friends were feeding their babies spaghetti, since Judah was the same age I decided it was time for Judah to have some spaghetti as well. I just used the plain Wegmans brand spaghetti sauce, no meat and I didn't put in any extra seasoning. Boiled a pot of angel hair and mixed and cut some into tiny pieces for him.

and he loves it! Just like his Italian mama. Since he did get the spaghetti everywhere, in his ears, hair, floor ect, we just picked him up stripped him and gave him a kitchen bath. I think our kitchen sink baths may be coming to an end very soon because Judah has been trying to escape them.

This week its gotten cooler, and it actually feels like fall. So I've been busy making hats to add to my shop. Judah is my little hat model. Thank goodness the yarn is stretchy because he can model the 3-6 month, 6-12 and toddler hats.

The hats will be added to the shop over the next few days, I'll post an update here and on the Facebook page for "My Charming Colors" when they are up. The toddler moccasins are practically sold out, I'll be adding more of these as well and the Mary Janes.

Yesterday after mailing out some orders I wanted to take Judah to Burke Lake, I wanted to check out the trails with my Bob running stroller and see the playgrounds there. The weather was wonderful, Judah loved sitting in the bob while I checked out the place. The playgrounds will be great when he can walk and ride down slides on his own. But for now its a place where he can eat mulch/sticks and leaves.

He looks so tiny on the park bench, and so excited to play with leaves. 

Such a boy, we found a stick and he was so excited to hold and try to chew on it.

One day you'll be big enough to climb this wall.

when we got home from our Burke Lake adventure I let Judah eat from one of these pouches, he can squeeze and suck out the squash. I thought it would be a great idea because he wouldn't spit/blow raspberries w food at me and I won't be covered in it. What I didn't expect is for Judah to take his pouch and swing it around after every other bite. I had butternut squash on my living room walls. 

He was fighting sleep so bad last night. Teething stinks.