Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Morning Thrifting

This morning I was able to go to my favorite thrift store with my friend Sarah Jane. Got an email yesterday saying everything was 50% off, I joked with Scott yesterday and said, brain tumor or not, Judah needs more jeans. He grew out of the ones I got him last month!

Judah and I got ready for Sarah Jane while Scott was at church. Since my friend Thomas is still in Peru my hair has gotten so long! Its driving me nuts especially since Judah likes to pull/play with it. I was getting bored of just putting it in a bun so I made two braids and pinned them on the side of my head {Milk Braids}. This was a fun and super easy fix for semi washed hair. Judah wore a tie and a shirt thats for a 12 month old! Yes the reason why I needed to go get him more cloths, my son doesn't fit in almost anything he has, he is only 8 months!

Judah adored Sarah Jane. I think he senses that she is going to have a little boy which will be one of his best friends, and that she is also a master prankster... She has been one of the only people that has fooled me (also a master prankster). Maybe Sarah and I should be concerned about our boys being friends, children of two master pranksters....could be trouble. 

We scored big time at the thrift store! Sarah as able to find some cute maternity cloths and I was able to get Judah three pairs of jeans that don't even look like they have been worn, some nice khaki board shorts, three shirts (one says my uncles tattoos are sick, this is for my brother in law Mark, he has two sleeves) also was able to get a brand new with tags H&M long sleeve plaid shirt, this will look nice on Judah in the fall. Found another baby Einstein DVD, a Veggie tale one and I only picked one of the blues clues DVD's.  The best part of the day, I was able to get this incredibly cute car for Judah, his feet  barely just touch the ground but he loves it! He has already learned how to push backwards in it. All of the items I got for Judah today were for around $20. 

Tonight is a more laid back night, Scott made some amazing Turkey Bugers and  I made a salad. We had to have an early dinner since I have to fast to go in for more blood work tomorrow morning. Praying the Dr visits end very very soon. I would rather go out and run with Judah since we are now starting to get some amazing cooler morning weather than go do blood work. Maybe we can go for a run afterwards.  Judah is feeling just about 100% better.  We did spot another tooth coming in making it a total of 9 teeth. Maybe that is why he has been having diaper blow outs. 

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