Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stomach Bug

All last week (after I had my stomach bug) Judah has had diaper blow outs, now Im not just talking regular poop, but liquid poop that fills the entire diaper and goes up his back. I've had to give Judah a bunch of the Aveno baby oatmeal baths to sooth his little tushi. I called Kaiser and they were able to see him this past Monday. After being teased we were giving Judah to much fiber (he was eating the paper in the office) she confirmed he has the stomach bug. Just to give him pedialyte for 24 hours and to hold off on formula but to still give him his regular pureed food.

We had to skip our playdate with Sarah Jane, we didn't want her to get sick. Judah just watched some baby einstein, but he mainly just wanted to cuddle and be held by his mama.

 I found this heart in a leaf while I went for my run and was praying for little Judah.

Yesterday I though Judah was feeling better, even gave him some of his formula, but about an hour after he woke up he had yet another big blow out and some throw up. He kept eyeing his dinosaur outfit his aunt brenna sent him so I put him in that for a few hours yesterday to keep him entertained while I threw a bunch of laundry in the machine, including our sheets to our bed that Judah peed all over.
 He ended up getting sick again after a few hours, so I gave the poor little pooper a bath.  Which he fully enjoyed but kept trying to stand up in his ducky.
 Then an afternoon of naps. he fell asleep on me again (yes I am reading "secrets of the baby whisperer", Im so sleep deprived after all our traveling and need to get Judah on a schedule of taking naps in his crib and not on me)
 finished the shell of two brown baby moccasins
later that night when Scott came home we took Judah to a new thrift store down the street, scored a bunch of stuff for Judah for under $10. Some cute outfits and some toys and books. I was able to get a book on speaking spanish (Scott is going to teach Judah this) and one on speaking french (I will teach Judah this)

after awhile Judah was more interested in his daddys guitars then his piano

finally after Judah fell asleep I crochet some bright yellow flowers for the baby moccasins. Once I get my shop up these will be up for sale.

Im exhausted and hopefully Judah will be well soon. It feels like it has been months of travel, teething, and stomach issues. 


  1. Girl you are seriously THE most productive new mommy I have ever met :) Hope Judah-boo feels better soon :)

  2. those are some beautiful moccasins. I love your blog and I can never get enough pictures of Judah!


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