Saturday, August 13, 2011

so tired of the Kaiser Drs......

This week we have had enough of the Kaiser Drs., from taking Judah in Monday with his stomach bug, then taking him in again this week because of his red splotch's all over his body. Which I still think this is an allergic reaction not bug bits because they are gone after some benadryl and we stopped feeding him mango's. He did however sleep most the day yesterday and I cancelled our play date with Heidi and D. I wanted to make sure Judah didn't have his stomach bug.

He slept in till 11:30

All he wanted to do was eat his daddy's Cedarville magazine, I let him play with it and would occasionally take out chunks of paper from his mouth. He was also fascinated with our air vents.

Judah was only awake for 2.5 hours at a time before taking a nap. After his 4pm nap I took him on a walk/run. Was going to be more of a run but my friend Heidi called me and I decided to walk and talk. Judah and I walked 3 miles, he loved the walk, not so much the hat.

We then hung out at the park in our backyard till daddy came home. 

After dinner we hung out upstairs till he passed out, wasn't long before he was sleeping again.

 I was grateful that Judah wanted a low key day on Friday because  I wasn't feeling to well and towards the end of the night I ended up getting a pretty bad migraine, figured it would go away after some sleep. Went to sleep and when I woke up my migraine was actually worse, the worst migraine I've ever had. Scott took Judah downstairs and brought me some IB profen and some oatmeal. After three bits of oatmeal I ran to the bathroom and threw up, continued throwing up for two hours, couldn't even keep water down. Scott called up Kaiser because this is not normal and they said to bring me in. We were getting Judah all ready to go with us because I knew it would be a short visit and that they would just send me home and say sleep off your headache.,But I couldn't leave the bathroom because I couldn't keep down water (I was afraid of getting dehydrated and kept trying to drink water). I asked Scott "Call your mom and see if she can watch Judah while we go to the ER". Thankfully she agreed, came and got Scott's truck (which already had the car seat in it) and took Judah to her house, I am so grateful its already childproof and is a perfect place for Judah to play. Scott drove us to Kaiser (in Reston) while I clinged onto a bathroom trashcan in fear that I was going to throw up again. The lights were hurting me, any noise seemed 10x louder, and I felt carsick. We saw the Dr and she was worried because it took me awhile to understand what she was saying to me and it took me awhile to speak, my head hurt so bad I that I was slurring my words. So she had me get some blood work done to find out if I was hydrated and to triple check that I am not I am not. Then she said she really really wanted me to go and get a cat scan. I whispered to Scott "Lets skip the cat scan and go pick up Judah, I miss him and I can sleep this off". Scott asked the Dr why she wanted me to get one so bad and if we can skip it. She said she thinks I may have an aneurysm or a brain tumor. Um hello what. I wasn't going to skip the cat scan now. We had to wait about two hours for the scan, so we drove to Scotts parents house to check on Judah. I want to hug him really really bad, especially after what the Dr just told me. I told Scott I would rather get news that I was pregnant with twins then hear her say that I might have an aneurysm or brain tumor.

When we arrived at Scotts parents house Judah was we got to stand over him and stare at him for a bit. My heart just wanted to pick up my sweet little boy and feel his little chubby arms cling around my neck as I hugged him. But I refrained, knew he would be there when we finished the testing.

We left to get the cat scan, stopped by Einstein bagels for a quick bite to eat. Scott loved eating the rice crispy treat in front of seems like we have switched places over the past few months. He is now able to eat anything, and some foods now make me sick. 

After the cat scan we had to then drive to another Kaiser office to get the results, between running back and forth to the Kaiser offices, getting tests and blood work, its been 6 hours, I was tired and missing my baby and the final office was taking forever to see us just to tell us the results. After awhile I went up to the desk and asked them if they could just sign me out, that I really miss my baby and that I am okay if they call me if they see a brain tumor, I just wanted to be around my baby. The Dr immediately saw us and said I am in the clear. I was like really I am in the clear! She said yeah why did the Dr send you to get the cat scan in the first place, I told her I had a headache, slurred speech but it was from a migraine and she gave us an exasperated look and apologized for the Reston Drs, that they tend to just send people to get unneeded tests. 

Bad news, we spent all day at the Drs, great fantastic awesome news, I don't have an aneurysm or a brain tumor like the first Dr led me to believe. I kinda feel silly even posting that she made me believe that I 'might" have one. Hopefully now that Judahs blotch's have disappeared, he doesn't seem to have diaper blow outs any more and I am in the clear...hopefully this means an end to all our Drs visits and we can just have some fun.

This was the longest Scott and I have been away from Judah and we were dying to see our son.  We couldn't have left him with better people. Scotts parents love him and Judah loves spending time with them. So we picked them up a thank you dinner from Panera and rushed over to see him. Judah is such a sweet little cuddler, and he wanted to give Grandma extra hugs before he left. 

after we came home I was able to do some house cleaning while Judah admired himself in the mirror. 
He kept talking to himself and then slapping his hand on the mirror, then he would get really close and kiss the baby in the mirror. He only got upset when I would walk next to him and say "whose the baby judah!! Whose the baby!!" then he would cry because he though I was talking to the baby in the mirror and not him

My guys fell asleep early tonight. I can't wait for Sarah Jane to come over tomorrow to play and go thrifting.

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