Thursday, August 18, 2011

past few days

Wow, Judah has turned into a little mover over the past few days!

Tuesday we went for a 4 mile run (I ran while Judah hung out in the jogging stroller) on the W&OD trail. Afterwards we took a mini break by the garden boxes by the trains. Judah loved hanging out in the grass, even tried to eat it.

you can see in the picture below that he has some grass on his face. I kept trying to give him puffs but he would sneak some grass and quickly stick it in his mouth. I guess its a boy thing.

Afterwards we stopped by starbucks for a mini break for mama, then walked over to Micheals to get some more yarn. Im opening up my shop hopefully this weekend, but wanted to get out some personal orders before then. Some of my favorite things, my baby, starbucks and some yarn.
Then we went home where Judah ended up peeing all over his face, this wasn't just a regular pee in the face but a downpour or should I say up pour of pee. He soaked his shirt and got a good bit into his mouth and soaked his head. So I gave him an afternoon bath before his lunch. He actually likes his afternoon baths because he passes out for a good couple of hours after his lunch. I think he sleeps better when he is clean. 

I did let him fall asleep on me on the couch, moved him back to his pack and play after about a half an hour and he slept a good bit. As soon as he woke up he was on the move. I caught him trying to squeeze  his not so little head between the couch and one of our living room chairs. Kinda made me nervous because I kept on thinking he is going to one day get his head stuck int he metal bars we have in our living room. I better have lots of butter or mayo on hand.

After my amazing counseling appointment, we went to get cupcakes and hang out at the Fairfax Govt Center. 

I felt like for the first time in months I slept wonderfully. Judah slept with his but sticking out in the air.

Wednesday was a day full of Dr appts for me. They found something that they think I got when I had my C section, hence why I haven't been feeling to well. My Dr said she would have found it sooner but I have a high pain tolerance. It will be fixed with some medication. I have another Drs appt next week to see if I have an ulcer.

Judah and I hung out local since I had to go back and forth to the Drs. Judah wanted to show me his food. 
we did go on a mini duncan donuts run. Just to sit outside since it was so nice.
 almost finished decorating one of the walls in our living room. All of the items are thrifted.

Finished crocheting some moccasins for a friend who is buying some from me. These are my favorite so far. 

 And Judah is on the move. Scott is showing him how to climb stairs. He just stands and laughs with our main level stairs.
He now tries to escape his bath time ducky. Literally tries to squirm his way out. 

 and Judah now is able to climb the one stair that leads from the main level living room to our kitchen. Not sure how much I like this. I thought I could at least keep him pretty confined in this smaller living room space. But not anymore.


  1. I cannot get enough of that sweet boy and his wig!! I can't wait to see his cute face (and yours) in person soon!!!

  2. I know I can't wait!!!! We have to do a leesburg trip :-)


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