Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for entering the "My Charming Colors" giveaway and who went to the page and "liked" it. The giveaway winner for the Starbucks gift card is "David Wardrick". I'll be doing future giveaways for my shop so if you haven't already make sure you go to the Facebook page and like the group.

We sold out of all the baby Mary Jane and Moccasins I put up last week, I put up more today and will be putting some up through out the week. Make sure you stop by the Etsy shop and check the items out.

Hurricane Irene came on Saturday, before the weather changed we stopped by Starbucks to pick up the gift card and get a drink

While we were there we got a phone call from Judahs grandparents wanting to meet up for a quick bite at Dunkin Donuts, a pre hurricane meal. So we stopped by and I bumped into my friend Sabrina again!

Bored and at home with a baby, we decided to make the most of it and dress Judah up as the weatherman, plus we found him more entertaining then the weather men trying to evoke an emotion out of their audience by doing something stupid, like showing us how crazy the hurricane is by walking towards the ocean.

We got a bit of rain, lots of wind, the electricity went out for about an hour, but we made sure we filled up the tub and had our candles and flashlights out. Scott took this opportunity to eat all the ice-cream in our freezer saying it would probably all go bad. But an hour later the electricity came back on.

Scott was helping Judah stand up. He was leaning against the door or the wall and would try to take a few steps forward. He is ready to move. Then we had some more hurricane updates from "Judahs Journalism". Nothing much to update but since we have huge trees that surround our home we decided to camp out in the front living room. Scott brought up one of the queen sized mattresses we have in one of the guest rooms and set up the pack and play. Judah thought this was awesome, at first he was kinda scared but once he saw me make the bed downstairs he had a big smile on his face. He didn't want to sleep at all but kept looking at both Scott and I and saying "da da da da da phhh phhh da da". I did feel horrible at one point, I couldn't sleep so I was watching the news and crocheting, Judah was sleeping next to Scott on the bed, then all of a sudden I looked up to see Judah slid right off the bed. He is okay, more scared than anything, cried for a few seconds and went right back to sleep. 

I didn't sleep till well past 3 am. I kept thinking that the front tree was going to crash into the living room. I was just worried about Judah. I finally fell asleep only to be woken by my little guy putting his hands all over my face and saying "da da da da" at 8 am. Looked around outside and we didn't really see any "real" damage done. A neighbor was cutting up an old tree that fell, but it didn't land on anything. 

Judah enjoyed trying to eat the leaves. We walked two miles to Robinson Highschool and back to see if anything happened, but it looked like we were clear of any major damage. 

In other news, My Charming Colors has a few more Mary Janes and Moccasins in shop. Some already sold but I have a few more left. Will be updating the shop with more items later this week. I have two custom orders to complete first. 

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