Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane

Yesterday was Sarah Jane and Judahs Instagram friend Corbins birthday. We wanted to do something special for them both so Judah took a picture wishing Corbin a happy birthday and Sarah Jane was going to come over later in the afternoon to hang out with us.

Judah really wanted to eat Corbins birthday sign.

After our mini photoshoot Judah and I went to Starbucks, which by the way was the best Starbucks I've ever had in my life. Its the double decker one off of main street in Vienna. When I commented on how good the drink was someone said that the barista is the best. I'll be sure to visit that starbucks again, especially since its almost Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Judah and I then headed down the street to the new thrift store. They had some really good household stuff, not that much children's clothing, but I figured its been picked through because its almost back to school for most kids.  I might go back on Tuesday when its 25% off. We need a new stand for our TV because its on this tiny stand and Judah now crawls all over and is drawn to that mini stand. Im afraid the TV will fall on his head.

Here is a picture of some of my finds from yesterday.

I found these cute little salt and pepper shakers. I've been looking for new ones since Scott and I got married, he had some really ugly outdated ones that were entirely to big for his table and I wanted something that would match the new kitchen decor and that were not so bulky. I am in love with this tin star! I've been seeing them around in some of my favorite places (pottery shop and an authentic mexican restaurant in St Petersburg) the best part is that the star opens up so I can stick some Christmas lights in it. Not sure where I am placing it in the house but I couldn't pass this up. Found a adorable wood plaque with a hand painted picture of flowers on it. Some pretty golden shoes for my niece Charlotte and a car toy for Judah that makes noises. All of this under $10. 

I had to go to the Drs real quick for some more testing, came back and was searching Craigslist for a TV Stand/Table while trying to get Judah to nap before Sarah Jane came over. When she did arrive Judah just looked at her and cried because he wanted her to play with him! When she sat on the floor next to him he was all over her, kept trying to touch her belly and crawl over her. I think Sarah Jane is one of Judah's best friends. 

Went to Fairfax Government Center, they have the best local cupcakes with incredible Red Velvet ones. Since it was so muggy outside we ate the cupcakes and had a mini celebration with Chips, guacamole and Root Beer in Chipotle. Judah loved sitting in the highchair and felt like he was part of the mini celebration. Next time I'll have to bring table/highchair wipes, he kept trying to lick everything. 

 I think Judah was overly tired yesterday, he napped for two hours when we came home. When he finally did wake up he kept rubbing his eyes and was a little cranky, after dinner we tried to put him down to sleep but he wanted to be held. He is now loving the Moby! And its so much easier to carry him in it than when he was 2 months. He is snug as a bug in a rug and I am soaking all of this in while it lasts, it won't be long before Judah is to big to carry around.

Finished a pair of moccasin slippers that will be for sale in my shop. 

Judah did fall asleep finally for a few hours in his pack and play. But then he got up and kept talking to his sheets and the toys in his crib. I think he was sleep talking because he looked like he was drunk. Then he would catch a glimpse of me and cry a little. So after about an hour I just wanted to snuggle with him so I let him back into my bed for 20 mins till he fell back to sleep and put him back in his pack and play where he slept the rest of the night. 

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