Sunday, August 7, 2011 update

so one of my blogger mamas encouraged me the other day to keep on posting on Judah's blog. Since we are months behind on his picture a day (Im still taking them but on Instagram) I figured this would just be a blog about being a mom.

Judah is going great, the past week he has had a ton of diaper blow outs. Not sure if its because he is not feeling well or if its because his favorite food is prunes and oatmeal. Could be all of the above.

Judah didn't win the Gerber Baby contest, after I entered him I was thinking, he already gets allot of attention, I am not sure if I want him to win the Gerber baby and get more, although it would have been nice to give him the college scholarship. Maybe baby modeling could be in his near future. Here are some recent pictures of the guy, I love to dress him up. I also love having him wear his wig, especially in public, today at wegmans I had a lady come up to me and say "I just have to tell you your babys hair is amazing" I laughed at her and then pulled the wig off his head.

Judah loves all things music! I have a guitar my friend Sarah Kinas gave me, she restrung it so its left handed, I let Judah play that allot, he likes to strum and the other day he figured out if he hits the strings with his flat hand it makes a noise. I also bought him some drums at a thrift store and he loves to sit on his bumbo and pound away. He also loves his Baby Einstein videos. He gets really excited with the music.

We hung out my my friend Amber and her little girl Autumn last week. Judah and Autumn were supposed to be two days apart but I had Judah way early and Amber went a little late.

Autumn does really like Judah ha ha. Judah is a good sport, very laid back and let Autumn crawl all over him, pull his hair and smack him in the face. At one point he did get really sad because he was wondering why she was doing this to him. Judah now does this loud "AHHH!" and looks around and smiles, he learned this from Autumn last week. When she first did it we were in the car and Judah cried and then Autumn started talking to him in baby talk to calm him down and he started doing baby talk back. Seriously was the cutest thing.

In a few weeks I will be opening my store, I've started making baby Mary Jane Booties and Moccasins. I'll start selling these along with the cute flapper flower hats I've been making. Im so excited I do have my first order this week.

I'll be updating this more consistently, we are approaching a season of where Judah will be involved in lots of things. I want to be able to capture it all and share my mommy experience with my other wonderful mommy friends.

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  1. LOVE this - you are so talented. We need to create you a badge and name for your store :)


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